Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart shaped macarons for V-day

Happy Valentine's Day! Today I'm eating heart shaped macarons that I made. I used David Leibovitz's chocolate macaron recipe and omitted the cocoa powder but added in lots of pink food coloring. To make the hearts instead of piping circles you pipe a "V" which will round out to a cute heart in the oven. Even though they look cute on the outside the shell is still not perfect yet on the inside.

Filling? Chocolate ganache and white chocolate strawberry ganache.

What are your valentine's plans? I don't have any except making truffles with leftover chocolate ganache and then eating them by myself. Did I just admit that?? No, I think the sister and I will have a girl's night instead! I guess for us it's S.A.D. day! Last night was so funny at walgreens. The entire valentine's section was PACKED while all the other aisles were empty. Parents and boyfriends buying last minute candy! haha!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm back & win $10 if you're a wordsmith!

Geez five months and no post? what a record! Though this blog has been quiet I have still been adding items to the store.

Like the Modern Trio Leaves earrings that were snagged up by Susan!
Modern Leaves Trio earrings -
A trio of textured rhodium leaves hang from a princess cut cubic zirconia stud in sterling silver. I was going for an "elegant and edgy" look.

And Modeled here by the gorgeous Sam!

A one of a kind twisted flower beaded necklace custom requested. Yay or Nay? Is it too young looking? Like more flower girl appropriate?

Something fun for celebrations, I call this Champagne Bubbles!
14K gold-filled hooks and gold plated circles around a soft pink faceted stone. [shop]
btw I am able to make this in other colors. Just contact me!

Lastly I have a sneak peek at a new Bridal Earring! Help me name this beauty, and I will award the winning/best idea with a $10 Gift Certificate to my shop!

Just leave a comment below with your idea and your e-mail, and I'll pick the winner in a few days!

ALSO, I'm having free shipping right now (worldwide) with code "blackfriday"

Good luck!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sewing and Newsletter fun

I haven't done a newsletter since February! I forgot how fun it can be to make! If you're on my special list you would have seen it go out this morning. If not please join by entering your email below!

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If you would like a peek at how it looks for June then, here it is! http://eepurl.com/endFo

Fabric Flower Earrings [shop]

Each one is unique because of the pattern on the fabric.

Inspired by seeing a girl wear fabric flower earrings that were falling apart, I decided to make my own with my sewing skills! I used my favorite fabric ever from my stash, and I like how it is a mix of ivory and pink!

See it modeled. I only have a couple left! I originally made these for my sister's anime convention, but I did not end up going. I ended up sewing tons of poke balls for her instead LOL!

This was something I made last minute at the previous con and it was a hit. I decided to expand on the idea with other versions!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fresh and Fun Feather Earrings & Freebies

I was drawn to these bold and bright green feathers, and I've paired them with simple findings for you to match with many outfits this summer. All have surgical steel ear hooks which are safe for every ear! :) Please take a look! All earrings are limited and one of a kind as of now!

Today's theme is F-related words.. Like FREE shipping, Free Face masks! This weekend only! Through Monday get a Free face mask and Free shipping on any order!!

Flutter on By with Roses Earrings - [shop]
Here I've paired fluffy green feathers with mini white roses on slender silver petals. The long length will fall nicely in your hair. Surgical Steel ear hooks. Rhodium materials - no worries on tarnishing.

Golden Leaves and Green Feather Earrings - [shop]
The gold leaves accent makes these feather earrings elegant yet still fun and trendy for the season. Gold plated leaves, Surgical Steel ear hooks. Upgrade to gold-filled available.

Sparkling Crown Feather Earrings - [shop]
For a more sparkly approach to feathers, I put a crown charm with them and made these asymmetrical. One side has a cluster of olive swarovski crystal and the other has the long feather for a fun one-sided look! Surgical Steel ear hooks, Rhodium materials.

I put together a little video with the app Videolicious on my iPhone. It's a really fun app to use!

I just realized they match the color of my shop site! So fun! :) I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

saaammage & Spring Bunnies

I wanted to let you know that my Spring Bunnies are back in stock! I even had a special request for them to be tailored to look like certain bunnies. The beautiful Sam of Saaammage on Youtube, the mommy of two cutie bunnies! Check out her favorites video here to see the earrings in action!

Watch the HUMANE way to wear bunnies on your ears!

The friggin adorable inspiration! nom nom.

For the next post I'm working on fabric flower earrings! I've finished three pairs so far. I was inspired by some I saw a blogger friend wear but hers kept falling apart so I've made my own! I may even do a tutorial on it. More on this later!

Spring Bunny Earrings [shop]
These earrings feature shiny silver bunnies with swarovski flower crystals and a touch of green freshwater pearls. I used Rhodium materials so it is safe for sensitive ears.

Bunny Hop Earrings [shop]
Mother of Pearl Bunnies hop over pink pearls (eggs) in the fun spirit of Spring. I used Rhodium materials so it is safe for sensitive ears.

On another note the disqus commenting system is NOT working out with this custom template. I have noticed that the comments do not always show up. ARGH! I have changed back to regular blogger commenting for now. In the future I'll have to either change my template or figure out how to make disqus work better. bummer.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever?

Who has Royal Wedding fever? I haven't been watching too much of it but tonight there was so much coverage I just couldn't peel my eyes away. I'm excited for it, and it's only a few hours awawy! I'll be staying up to watch, will you? I'm VERY curious about the dress!!

In celebration I have a couple of royal studs in my shop!

Royal Crown Studs [shop]
Cute little puffed crown studs with rhinestones. 10mm width. Surgical Steel post. Quantities Limited!

Also I have new Tied Ribbon Bows in two sizes. Grab these while you can because I get lots of requests when they sell out.

Tied Ribbon Bows [shop]
So very pretty and cute sparkling rhinestone bow earring studs. Rhodium plated.
Available in Small (15mm) and Large (20mm).

Also don't forget one of my favorites, the Every Queen Needs Her Crown Necklace [shop]

Or the Heir to the Throne Silver Key Necklace [shop]

William and Kate recently released a new photo, and it's gorgeous! They are such a beautiful couple and I hope they are happy for a very long time. William was lucky to find such a perfect girl! Of course she is lucky to snag a prince as well! :) See The Royal Wedding Schedule here.

BTW feel free to test out the new comment system below. I installed disqus!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bunnies Kill with Cuteness

Spring Bunny Earrings [shop]
These earrings feature matte silver bunnies with swarovski flower crystals and a touch of green freshwater pearls. I used Rhodium materials so it is safe for sensitive ears. Non-tarnishing too!

Thanks Lisa for the pearls!

I wish I had a bunny this cute! My furry inspiration.

Bunny Hop Earrings [shop]
Mother of Pearl Bunnies hop over pink pearls (eggs) in the fun spirit of Spring. I used Rhodium materials so it is safe for sensitive ears. Non-tarnishing too!

There is only one of this pair but I can make another one with different beads. Just e-mail me.

I think these are perfectly girly!

Shiny Bunny Studs [shop]
For your cutie pie ears! Rhodium plated. The one and only pair!

In other news I've finally released my Facebook Page. http://www.facebook.com/JuluJewelry
Did you know you need 25 likes to be able to create a username or easy url link to your page? You do, and I think it is so people don't squat on usernames. Thanks for everyone who helped to get me there!

Come visit me there for updates, sneak peaks, & special coupons! If this blog ever stops coming to your feed, at least you'll know where to find me right?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vintage Luxe Heart Earrings & Jane Eyre

Last weekend I went on a Jane Eyre kick and watched a bunch of adaptations.

Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson 2006
It was very satisfying and complete. Emotional enough for me to tear up once or twice. Since it was so long it is easy to get sucked in to their world.

Timothy Dalton 1983
I only scrubbed through this version on YouTube, but he's still quite enticing in his prime. I recognized him as Volkov from Chuck.

The first adaptation I ever saw. Probably 5+ years ago so I don't remember much besides liking it.

Mia Wasikowska as Jane and ­Michael Fassbender as Edward Rochester. In Theaters NOW! You might recognizer Mia from Alice in Wonderland...

I find that Rochester was not as tormented as in the other adaptations. He comes off as devilishly wicked & playful- which is fine by me! Probably the best acting, music, & cinematography of them all, but my eyes only watered up a couple of times and not enough to make tears. I don't know why. I think I had too many things on my mind! The chemistry is not lacking. The place where this falls behind the first adaptation I mentioned is the length. At 2 hours it's not enough to cover a 500 page book so I'm left wanting to see this and that. If you liked the artsy and updated Pride and Prejudice of 2005 you will enjoy this too (except it's not cheery, but Gothic). I highly recommend this! GOD I even want to see it again!!

The only bad thing about these movies is that they leave me in a romantic desperation!

Vintage Luxe Heart Earrings [shop]
A baroque swarovski crystal with a golden amethyst coating adds even more dimension to the sparkling crystals. It reflects green, blue, and pink.
14K gold-filled chain, sterling silver ear posts, gold-plated puffy heart studs.

Awhile back this was a custom piece for a special lady. You know who you are! :)

Oh and my Lizzy Earrings are back in stock! [shop]

While on amazon I noticed that Pride & Prejudice 2006 just price dropped to $10.49 for the blu ray version. It is so mine! I've been watching too much msfilli I think. GET IT

Also to reach the $25 free shipping I'm getting the new Strokes CD Angles. I'm old school and like to collect the physical cds!

AND some new headphones that are under $10 to work with my iPhone. Any opinions on skullcandy?