Saturday, October 31, 2009

imperfection sale!

I ordered some ear threads and one of them was a hair longer than the other! Anyhow, I wanted to offer these up on sale incase it doesn't bother you guys. You can't tell when you're wearing it on either side of your head! But knowing it, I can't offer it at full price if it is not perfect!

I just wanted to throw this out there before it gets crazy tonight. Happy Halloween everybody!

Purple Teardrops on Ear Threads - $16 SALE, orig $20
The swarovski crystals are perfect and purple though! If you notice, the threads have a U shape to keep them in place!! They are the most expensive ear wires I've ever offered!
13mm. Sterling Silver.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Make a wish, Origami Fever!

Introducing the Crane Necklace. I love origami. I have ever since I was little. Something about folding perfect creases. When I got this crane bead I just couldn't wait to make it into a necklace! This is a special bead imported from Asia. The gold is tarnish resistant gold plated, and the silver is tarnish resistant rhodium plated. That applies to the chain as well. It's safe for people with sensitive skin.

Crane Necklace in Gold with Pacific Opal AB - reg. $20 [customize it here]
The origami inspired crane pendant is plated in a gold matte finish. It is accented with a Swarovski crystal or pearl of your choice. The necklace chain can be 16"-18" with an optional 3" extender. Lobster clasp with JJ tag included. You can't see it now, but there may be a small bead added to the bottom for extra security!

Shown here with a pretty white pearl. Some will come with a tag. I hand-stamped gold and rhodium plated oval beads to match.
Even though it is plated metal, I don't feel like it takes a back seat to sterling at all. Truthfully I prefer rhodium to sterling silver. I don't like how sterling tarnishes, and it can't be on display all of the time. I have to keep it zipped up in baggies. I really like the rhodium. The color is similar to white gold's silver color.

This is my baby sister modeling the 16" Crane Necklace in gold. She looks a lot older in the photo with the makeup like it is. How old does she look? She's only 17!

Whoa, look at all the color options! I only have 4 gold cranes and 4 silver cranes in stock right now. These are the only colors I have available. I only have one bead of most colors. Click image for a closer look.

Oh my gosh, doing this color chart was so much work! But I know it helps you visualize. :) These would make cute earrings too, but I'm only doing necklaces right now. Perhaps on the next round if there is interest.

Thanks for looking! Don't forget to enter Tammi's Contest for free jewelry.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tag, you're it! Simple Sale

Introducing tags! Say hello to tags. Hi tags! Any necklace made by me will include a cute little hand-stamped tag. It's only available on Sterling Silver right now. I decided to go with JJ for Julu Jewelry, not juju. It was either JJ, JL or JLJ. Sometimes I don't stamp the J's aligned perfectly.. sorry for that. It's not easy. I like it though because I get to use a hammer! If I practice maybe I can fit Julu on there...

Just in case you didn't think I made these...
Simply Love Me Heart Necklace - Reg $22
You may have seen these hearts everywhere, but not with these drop bails! I find it very simplistic while keeping the heart shape pendant showing. "Simply Love Me" refers to wanting to be loved as you are. No make-up or fancy clothes. Let your inner beauty shine. This necklace is free of baubles or charms. Single Swarovski 14mm heart on a sterling silver chain. Cyclamen Opal is a new color for 2010.
L-R: Cyclamen Opal, Blue Opal, Orchid AB, Deep Sea Blue

Simple Dangle Studs
These are just cute little studs I threw together. These are on sale big time! Sapphire AB and Rose AB are new to the jewelry blog world. The AB really makes them pop! You've seem them first here! :) More color choices below.
L-R Row 1: Sapphire AB, Rose AB
L-R Row 2: Crystal AB, and Violet Sakura
$15 for 1 pair
$24 for 2 pairs
$30 for 3 pairs

2 & 3 pairs sale price cannot be used with 10% off discount.

Also available in

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Perfect with your morning coffee

This is the last of my Oval Crystal collection for now.
Honey Glazed Donut - $17 (1 left!)
Looks simple, but this large Golden Shadow oval crystal looks very beautiful on your neck. 16" or 18" 14K Gold-Filled chain. 12mm swarovski crystal.
Donut with Sprinkles - $17 (1 left!)
Large Crystal AB Oval Crystal on a 16" or 18" Sterling Silver chain. 12mm swarovski crystal.
Pink Frosting Donut Necklace - $17 (more soon)
Large Pink Oval Crystal on a 16" or 18" Sterling Silver chain. 12mm swarovski crystal.

Remember, purchases $17 and over receive free surprise stud earrings while supplies last! I have some pink ones to match this. :) FYI, these are low intro prices. 14K gold-filled the same price as sterling silver? A steal! The price will go up $1-2 on the 14K due to the rising cost of fine metals once these are sold out.

Don't forget to enter Tammi's contest for free jewelry of your choice!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wet and Classy

It's been raining a lot where I live so there's always morning dew. This necklace is inspired by that. Enjoy!

Morning Dew in Blue Opal - $26 SOLD, Moonlight available!
Airy Blue Oval Swarovski beads are strung on sterling silver chain. The sky's reflection can be found in this morning dew. The ovals connect to an additional sterling silver cable chain. Length measures 18" but can be adjusted at no charge. Also available in Crystal Moonlight.

Airy Blue Opal Swarovksi. There are many, many different colors to choose from. Jewel toned and dark colors can make this style more edgy. Email me for details.

Here is what Crystal Moonlight looks like.

Don't forget to check the left side for discounts! Entered the contest yet??

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Breezy Blue

I wanted to share with you these earrings I customized for Joanna of JBreezyBaby. I think she did great on the color choices! I love how the name of this fits perfectly. Thanks Joanna!

Breezy Blue - $14
Sapphire, Aqua, and Crystal AB bicone swarovski crystals dangle from sterling silver french earwires.

See more color options here Or design your own!

Check this beautiful girl out! I really loved watching this video. I love seeing how my creations look on people! It is so rewarding!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hang Low Sweet Crystals- BC support!

I'm really excited to debut this necklace! It took me a long time to get all the parts right! I'm so proud I finally finished it. I'm also really impressed with the first photo. I can't even believe I took it. whoa. I'm on a oval bead kick, if you couldn't tell. I just love these beads!
Dove Song Crystal Necklace - $34
This pretty necklace features Moonlight and Rose Swarovski Crystal oval beads strung on sterling silver wire connected to a sterling silver flying dove. Crystals and charm hang from light pink, ultra soft, micro fiber suede string. Sterling silver clasp. This casual necklace is long at 27 inches. ONLY ONE AVAILABLE.

If you prefer chain to micro fiber, you can swap it for sterling silver chain at an additional price. Contact me for details.

The pink of the microfiber looks more like this photo shot in natural light. This necklace is meant to hang low and can be layered with others. The name of this necklace is weak, I know. Help me with a new name! I will be appreciative!

Free Sakura Drops in matching pink with this necklace.
To support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I will donate the $15 value to the BCRF. I lost my grandma to breast cancer last year.
Visit Wuzzy!

title refers to that song.. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot... you know you wanna carry me home...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Giveaway a la The Culture Enthusiast

Wow guys, Tammi has decided to have ANOTHER giveaway since she has reached 200+ followers so quickly! I feel so lucky that she has picked me as her first favorite thing. The PRIZE is a Julu Jewelry piece of your choice! Hop on over to her blog, The Culture Enthusiast, to meet this sweet girl!

The rules are:

1) Be a follower of Tammi's blog AND Steph’s jewelry site.
Optional: Subscribe to Tammi's YouTube channel & Twitter.

2) Re-post about this giveaway on your blog (if you have one). Make sure to include the picture above. If you don’t have a blog, post it on your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or MySpace.

3) Officially enter by leaving a comment ON HER POST. Include the link where you re-posted and submit a name for the earrings.

Tammi's Unnamed Earrings - $17
A crystal link dangles from Black Diamond AB and Golden Shadow Hearts. These Swarovski crystals hang from elongated Sterling Silver ear wires hand-crafted by me. Since these were custom made, you will have to pre-order. FREE SHIPPING on any order including this or Banana Ginkgo Earrings until October 31.
Banana and Ginkgo Drops - $19

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hungry For Crystals

Stacked Crystal Dango - $18
Understated but elegant crystal moonlight donuts stacked on a sterling silver wire. Swarovksi Rondelles and Sterling Silver ear wires. Dango is a Japanese dumpling served on skewers.

I have two photos here because I accidentally cut off the top, but I wanted to keep it because I think it's so pretty! I'm not sure if Donuts is a good name, but I had trouble coming up with anything. If this reminds you of anything, let me know below!
Moonlight and Blue Opal are two of my favorite colors! I only have these on hand right now, but there are many, many different colors to match you! Email me for custom color choices. I can also do this in gold.
Here is what Blue Opal looks like.

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