Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Make a wish, Origami Fever!

Introducing the Crane Necklace. I love origami. I have ever since I was little. Something about folding perfect creases. When I got this crane bead I just couldn't wait to make it into a necklace! This is a special bead imported from Asia. The gold is tarnish resistant gold plated, and the silver is tarnish resistant rhodium plated. That applies to the chain as well. It's safe for people with sensitive skin.

Crane Necklace in Gold with Pacific Opal AB - reg. $20 [customize it here]
The origami inspired crane pendant is plated in a gold matte finish. It is accented with a Swarovski crystal or pearl of your choice. The necklace chain can be 16"-18" with an optional 3" extender. Lobster clasp with JJ tag included. You can't see it now, but there may be a small bead added to the bottom for extra security!

Shown here with a pretty white pearl. Some will come with a tag. I hand-stamped gold and rhodium plated oval beads to match.
Even though it is plated metal, I don't feel like it takes a back seat to sterling at all. Truthfully I prefer rhodium to sterling silver. I don't like how sterling tarnishes, and it can't be on display all of the time. I have to keep it zipped up in baggies. I really like the rhodium. The color is similar to white gold's silver color.

This is my baby sister modeling the 16" Crane Necklace in gold. She looks a lot older in the photo with the makeup like it is. How old does she look? She's only 17!

Whoa, look at all the color options! I only have 4 gold cranes and 4 silver cranes in stock right now. These are the only colors I have available. I only have one bead of most colors. Click image for a closer look.

Oh my gosh, doing this color chart was so much work! But I know it helps you visualize. :) These would make cute earrings too, but I'm only doing necklaces right now. Perhaps on the next round if there is interest.

Thanks for looking! Don't forget to enter Tammi's Contest for free jewelry.


adin_22 said...

I love this necklace.....I have to save up for this...:D

Shellie said...

*___* omg it's so pretty. I just got your other necklace I ordered and am wearing it right now. I think I'll order one of this after I decide gold or silver and what color bead I want it in

Shellie said...

oh and btw I posted the code on my blog at stillshellie.blogspot.com to recieve a 10% discount next time

Kym said...

this is beautiful steph! i love the one with the pearl, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I love origami! I made over 2,000 paper cranes in different sizes my whole entire life! lol. A lot of it was donated to elderlies when I was younger... yeah, you heard me! lol. oh... great time in 5th grade. LOL. I'm loving this necklace! It's so unique =] lotus flower next? You should for Asian New Years ;]

xoladiihoneyxo said...

By the way, your sister doesn't look that old.... 18 the most.

Tammi_LA said...

this is so gorgeous steph!! :)

Dina (XYYan) said...

very pretty! both of the crane and your sister =)

Calia Yang said...

love the cranes!!! very cute!

Jbreezybaby said...

gorgeous! I love the idea Steph!! :))

Noriki said...

how delicate is that! <33 *thumbs up to u*

Stacieee said...

Steph this is super pretty!! and so unique!! I think I'm gonna have to order this!!! SO hard to choose the colors!!!

Lisa said...

I love creative girls. Period. =)

~Lisa said...

Pretty!! I love origami too! They're my favourite hobby to do ^.^ And wow! You did a great job with all those color options!! But....all the colours look great and it makes me want all of them! >.<

Sildenafil said...

I love make wish, and this could be a great opportunity to say to my woman tell me what is your wish, and your desires in life, maybe one day not so far they are going to be true.

Shellie said...

oh and btw I posted the code on my blog at stillshellie.blogspot.com to recieve a 10% discount next time

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