Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tag, you're it! Simple Sale

Introducing tags! Say hello to tags. Hi tags! Any necklace made by me will include a cute little hand-stamped tag. It's only available on Sterling Silver right now. I decided to go with JJ for Julu Jewelry, not juju. It was either JJ, JL or JLJ. Sometimes I don't stamp the J's aligned perfectly.. sorry for that. It's not easy. I like it though because I get to use a hammer! If I practice maybe I can fit Julu on there...

Just in case you didn't think I made these...
Simply Love Me Heart Necklace - Reg $22
You may have seen these hearts everywhere, but not with these drop bails! I find it very simplistic while keeping the heart shape pendant showing. "Simply Love Me" refers to wanting to be loved as you are. No make-up or fancy clothes. Let your inner beauty shine. This necklace is free of baubles or charms. Single Swarovski 14mm heart on a sterling silver chain. Cyclamen Opal is a new color for 2010.
L-R: Cyclamen Opal, Blue Opal, Orchid AB, Deep Sea Blue

Simple Dangle Studs
These are just cute little studs I threw together. These are on sale big time! Sapphire AB and Rose AB are new to the jewelry blog world. The AB really makes them pop! You've seem them first here! :) More color choices below.
L-R Row 1: Sapphire AB, Rose AB
L-R Row 2: Crystal AB, and Violet Sakura
$15 for 1 pair
$24 for 2 pairs
$30 for 3 pairs

2 & 3 pairs sale price cannot be used with 10% off discount.

Also available in


Kym said...

look at you doin' big things, hammering tags and all!!i love it! :)

Lisa said...

Steph! I love your hammered tags! I considered buying some of Etsy, and then decided against it, lol. Stuff like this really makes a difference on your jewelry! love love.

I still haven't gotten my UPS package. They're 4 days late. And this was after seriously, like 7 phone calls. Hate, hate!

amynaree said...

wow so pretty! i love the blue opal it's very unique!

LMX said...

you go girl, make your mark! hehe.. The Simply Love Me Necklaces are beautiful!

e.motion in motion said...


Jbreezybaby said...

YAAAAY JJ! haha... im loving every single one of them! These are perfect holiday stocking stuffers! :D

~Lisa said...

Wow! Great tags, they look so professional. I can't believe they were hammered, how do you do them??? I also love that sparkling purple heart necklace!! It's so sparkly!! ^^

xoladiihoneyxo said...

lol. hammering it. "HUHHHH YA!!!" hahaha. JL would stand for Jennifer Lopez so I'm pretty sure you don't want that since her stuff is JLo. lol. JJ is cute =] You're signature isn't it? ;] I like =] You need to get some gold woman! lol.

Stacieee said...

Steph!!! Pretty!!!! TAG ME UP! lol

Calia Yang said...

I so super love them!!!!

Lorelle said...

Wooooot great tags! So much better than the machine produced things! Awesome necklaces and earrings too! Nice and simple :D I am loooving Cyclamen opal! Great job, Steph!

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