Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Promos, Pearl Studs

Since I was in a Turkey Coma last night, I didn't feel like going in and marking down the prices, so I will offer a sitewide discount coupon code! [expired]

Pink Pearl Studs - $13 and $15
Precious little swarovski crystal pearls in a sweet Rosaline Pink color. Sterling silver posts and backing. 6mm ($13) or 8mm ($15) pearl available.

6mm pearl studs in packaging.

Light Cream Pearl Studs - $15, Sale $14
Precious swarovski crystal pearls in a sweet Light Cream color. Sterling silver posts and backing. 8mm pearl

Strawberries 'n Cream Set - $27, SALE $25
This set of swarovski crystal pearl studs in Rosaline and Lt Cream makes the perfect gift for any friend. Sterling silver posts and backing. 8mm pearls. Two pairs of pearls are packaged together. Free shipping on this set.

Pearls held up to ears for size reference.

PLUS! Don't forget to VOTE to the right! Enter my giveaway! I have about 70ish entries right now!


Jbreezybaby said...

ohh woow! Ima get one of these steph! i want the secret code dear, email me!!! Im also going to get another item for my mom since her bday is coming up :))

Calia Yang said...

super cute!! ^_^ love the sale!

Sildenafil said...

I love pearls and how they look amazingly pretty on women's ears, Also when I saw someone who is wearing some I really get impressed for size, that it is so small but it doesn't lose brightness.

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