Monday, November 9, 2009

Moon Prism Power, Pearls

Inspired by Michelle Phan's video, I started thinking about Sailor Moon again. I used to watch it when I was younger, and I even collected trading cards. So since I love Serena (Usagi) and her pals I wanted to make this necklace! This is my little take on it.

Sailor Moon Necklace - [shop]
Moon Prism Power! Lt. Topaz (yellow) moon pendant (20mm) with a light cream pearl and small red heart. The pearl represents her odangos, and I added a heart since she is the "champion of love and justice." Sterling Silver bails and chain. 16 or 18" available. Swarovski crystals. See in my store here.

She is so cute! I love Luna too! This is my second necklace with pearls and my first moon necklace. Maybe more to come? I only have one of these Sailor Moon necklaces!!

Rock Diva Earrings - $15
Since I posted some pearl necklaces, I thought it would be a good time to feature these earrings I put together awhile back. My first dangle pearl earrings. These were a little tricky to make, but I had some wire and I was feeling inspired to make these. They are 10mm Dark Purple Swarovski Pearls with sterling silver chains draping below. Sterling Silver ear wires. Only one in my shop!

Anyhow, who was your favorite Sailor Moon character? My favorite was Sailor Jupiter!


Lisa said...

Mars! haha! Maybe because I love red :X
I'm in the process of designing an "Eternal Sailor Moon" Necklace.

Calia Yang said...

OMG!! I super love that!! I saw her vid and OMG michelle phan is so creative!!! my fave was sailor jupiter - she was so tough and strong! eheheh

Noriki said...

me Jupiter tooo!!!! :3
I think it's been more than 8 years that i didn't watch SailorMoon o.o Great pictures you took!!

Kym said...

ah sailor moon... i used to take pride in the fact that i collected over 300 SM stickers in my childhood. hahaha! ;P

xoladiihoneyxo said...

lol. wow, great inspiration.

Louise said...

I never watched Sailor Moon :(

But I do LOVE those Rock Diva Earrings!!

~Lisa said...

I never watched Sailor Moon before, I wasn't too interested in anime/manga! LOL

But those Rcok Diva earrings are so nice and unique!! I can never make that with my own hands >_<

Sildenafil said...

this necklace would be very nice but if it wears a girlie or a teenager, but I don't think that it would be so nice for a woman because women are serious, not colorful.

Louise said...

I never watched Sailor Moon :(

But I do LOVE those Rock Diva Earrings!!

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