Friday, November 6, 2009

More Colors, Official Storefront

I just wanted to share three more colors available for the Simply Love Me Necklace. Moonlight, Crystal AB, and Rose. woo! Also, my official storefront can process international orders! yay! Visit! I will be adding more items that are found on this blog soon, so bear with me! Back to heart free jewelry next time!!

Click here to see it in my store.

Customize, Customize!!

Small Heart Necklaces - $18
Also, by request I introduce Small Heart Necklaces. Obviously there is no chain in this photo, but of course there will be one. Your choice of 15", 16" or 18" Length. The 10mm swarovski heart is the smallest offered. I have 4 bail options for now. My favorite is the wrapped bail. My least is the leaf, it's a little too big. (only one of those) It's hard to find a good bail for these small hearts! Below are color options for the 10mm size heart only.
Click here to see it in my store.

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