Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yum. Now munch on this!

Dreaming about some Coach purses and wallets listed on Hautelook. Oh, so beautiful. Instead of buying them, I decided to make inspired earrings. It satisfied my hunger at a fraction of the cost. I hope you likey!

Creme Brulee Earrings - Reg $30, Sale $25
Gorgeously paired Swarovski crystals in shades of black and gold drape together on a 14k gold-filled chain. Swarovski crystals and pearls range from clear, moonlight, silver, crystal copper, dark grey, and black. A finishing touch is added with a dangling chain that loops back to the top. Love the little pop of crystal copper. 14k gold-filled ear wires. 16k gold-plated headpins. Only one pair!

I made two pairs, one for myself, and one for you! See how it hangs? My sister is the model. I think you could even consider these Holiday earrings. Sorry for the lousy photo, they look so much better in person!

These earrings reminded me of Creme Brulee. I thought I'd share a pic with you, who doesn't like looking at photos of food! Dita was kind enough to let me use her photo. She mentioned her dessert was slightly burnt, which resembles my earrings more. That's the way I like it! The closest to Creme Brulee that I've made is flan, haha!

Photo courtesy of Dita from She has beautiful photography of food, be sure to check her out! Are you drooling yet?

Caramel Delight - Reg $24
Also some gorgeous caramel colored swarovski crystal (crystal copper) dangling on figure-eight 14k gold-filled chain. Featuring large circle 14k gold-filled ear wires. Regular ear wires available upon request. Swarovski tear drop shaped bead is 16mm.

Actually these would look cute without the chain too. I don't have a photo right now. I'll update it soon!

Drops of Honey - Reg $24
Same as above but accented with light olivine and crystal bicones.

This post has a food theme cuz Thanksgiving can't come any sooner!


Kym said...

oh gosh, food inspired creations... I LOVE IT! haha! ;P especially the first one and how the chain drops and the crystal clusters! :) i was actually craving creme brulee yesteday night... *droools* i have yet to satisfy this craving.

Lisa said...

YEP. I think we're just foodies.

Jbreezybaby said...

LOL.. i love how ur jewelries are food inspired! well not all of them but some. the caramel delight looks really nicee!!

Carine said...

aah your jewelry is always awesome! real eye candy ^^

audrey said...

that's so gorgeous<3
la crème brûlée est un de mes desserts préféré!!! i make that very often with my mother^^ so delicious^^ haha^^

Lorelle said...

great creations as always!
those earrings are super cute, Steph! :D
the creme brulee earrings are making me hungry!

clamzee said...

Beautiful earings Stephanie! I love your jewery!

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