Saturday, December 26, 2009

That gleam in your eyes is so familiar

I hoping these can replace the Filigree Hearts LE Earrings that I no longer offer. They were limited, so three of you lovely ladies are very lucky. I'm jealous I didn't keep a pair for myself.

Aurora's Kiss Earrings - $17
Antique Silver heart-shaped beads with a scroll design attached to gleaming Swarovski beads in fuchsia on sterling ear wires. Only one.

Originally, I wanted to make this in gold and fuchsia, but I think most people like silver jewelry. In the future I may use gold hearts.

The curly scroll design in the heart can be seen in the curtains... wow, I did not plan this! This is my 2nd favorite Disney princess movie! What's your favorite Disney movie?

Aurora's Kiss Necklace - $18
This swarovski bead is almost in the shape of Princess Aurora's Lips. I almost named this Aurora's Lips, but I thought that was kinda weird. Anyhow... Fuchsia is a gorgeous pop of color on your neck. Sterling Silver chain. Still on the wave of last post's star and donut necklaces! Only one.

Save when you order together. E-mail me for details.

Now a funny pic...

OMG, this is from 7th grade! 10+ years ago! I was going through a really bad Ugly Betty phase. Thick fringe, big glasses, braces, and in need of a good bra! hahaha!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Food for Hungry Lumas

Hello hungry Lumas! I've got some tasty star bits for you!

I love Mario Galaxy! I'm so excited for Christmas to come because my brother got me the New Super Mario Bros. eeek! I can't wait to rip it open! Here are two gamer inspired necklaces.

Star Bit Necklace in Light Sapphire- Intro price of $15
A large (12mm) swarovski crystal star in light sapphire strung on a sterling silver chain. (16") Only one.

Star Bit Necklace in Crystal AB- Intro price of $15
A large (12mm) swarovski crystal star in crystal ab strung on a sterling silver chain. (16") Only one.

I really wanted to make some affordable sterling necklaces for those of you tight on cash who still want a little Julu. :)

These are great for layering with other necklaces or with other star bit necklaces in a different length. Let me know if you want something like that!

While I was taking these pictures I was imagining NEW necklaces, hehe. How about THREE stars on one strand? Three big stars! Or 2 small stars and 1 big star in the middle? I will be making a couple of these for next year. Any color requests? Leave in the comments below!

I think Star Bits are based off of Kompeitō, a Japanese candy. I haven't tried these, but I've seen them at the market. FYI, Star Bits are the things you collect in the Mario Galaxy game.

Remember These? These donuts inspired my star necklaces.

Honey Glazed Donut - $17 (Sold Out)
Looks simple, but this large Golden Shadow oval crystal looks very beautiful on your neck. 16" or 18" 14K Gold-Filled chain. 12mm swarovski crystal.

Donut with Sprinkles - $17 (1 left!)
Large Crystal AB Oval Crystal on a 16" or 18" Sterling Silver chain. 12mm swarovski crystal.

Pink Frosting Donut Necklace - $17 (1 left!)
Large Pink Oval Crystal on a 16" or 18" Sterling Silver chain. 12mm swarovski crystal.

I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Custom Piece and Christmas Bonus

Hi gals! I want to share you with a custom necklace I just completed! This is for another Stephanie at Beauty is Not Caused. Check out her blog too; she's got videos! I really love doing custom jewelry work. Especially when it's guys trying to pick something for their girlfriends. I think it's so sweet and romantic!

Belle's Dream Necklace - $40
I had no idea how gorgeous these colors look together! I am planning to do more pieces with this color scheme. A medium Deep Sea Blue heart with a 22k gold-vermeil leaf bail snuggled next to a medium Light Topaz heart with its own 22k gold-vermeil bail hang on a 14k gold-filled chain. If you want one like this, e-mail me! It's not listed in my storefront.

See the yellow? Like Belle's Dress from Beauty and the Beast! aww!

Jewelry Lesson
What is vermeil? Vermeil is gold plated over sterling silver! Gold-filled has gold bonded and will not rub off. It's safe for people with sensitive skin, and it should last as long as solid 14k gold jewelry.

Now for a little blast from the past. I took new photos of these earrings from my first line. Order either of these two and get a Christmas bonus!

Princess in Waiting - $17, Sale $15
Light Amythyst AB, Tanzanite, and Golden Shadow round crystal beads separated by crystal rhinestone rondelles. Hanging on sterling silver lever back earrings.

Blue Capri Rounds - $17, Sale $15
Beautifully vibrant Capri Blue round crystal beads linked with cordinating colors by sterling silver balls. Capri Blue, Light Sapphire, Indian Sapphire

What is the Christmas bonus? A few full-sized and sample makeup products in a pouch! ;) Order by Christmas! What a hot deal?! Free shipping and makeup extras? Yes to that!

Incase you were wondering, this is the most popular combination of crane and bead! Silver with a Rosaline Pearl! So pretty. I have only ONE left! I won't have anymore until later next year. Your choice of bead of course!

How is your holiday going? Got the shopping done? I've been baking lots of cookies lately. 3 batches so far this season. That's a record!

Friday, December 11, 2009

New Cranes, Hearts, and Crowns

Hi guys, so long time no post! I was busy catching up on things, christmas gifts, custom orders, and a cold! I'm back now! Plus... Free Shipping or free gift wrapping in my store for the holidays. Use code freeship. The free gift wrapping is automatic when you pay for shipping. :)

Christmas Delivery cut off date is December 20 for in-stock US orders!

Heart Cascade Earrings - $18
A custom pair of earrings I made for my Aunt's niece. The hearts do a little "cascade" down your ear from cute puffy sterling silver heart ear wires. Moonlight, Crystal AB, and Rose Swarovski Crystals. Limited, only one left!

Little Crown Studs - $12
I got my hands on these cute little cubic zirconia crown studs! So cute, size reference below! They're part of my Korean fashion imports. I tried making my own crown studs before, but these are much better!

They come in a special clam shell case shaped like a crystal. :)

New colors for my Crane Necklace! The newest 4 colors are on the last row. Alabaster Rose, Alabaster Mint, Sapphire AB. Purple Velvet isn't new, just now round. You may notice that I have taken some colors out as well. The Alabasters have a nice soft pretty look. They're not bling, they're opaque.

I only have a few of these cranes left, and 1-2 of each bead color.

Plus! See the crane necklace in gold and pacific opal ab on the sweet and gorgeous Miss Erica! Hair tutorials are really big right now, check hers out please!! :)

Stay tuned for a new Tree Necklace next time! Stay Warm!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giveaway winner!

Sorry there was a delay in revealing the winners! It's been a week since I last posted. Thank you for amusing me with your answers to my little survey. I had fun reading them all! Some were really funny and some were really weird! haha. I can't believe how many entries there were. I decided to add a couple more prizes! :) I had 124 entries after adding all extra entries for people who ordered in the month of November (part of the rules).

The low down-
Gossip Girl wins as favorite tv show with Grey's Anatomy close behind. I am a fan of both of these!

The winning necklace according to the Poll is Simply Love Me. Next up was the Crane Necklace!

For having Veronica Mars as your favorite TV show, Honorary Mention goes to...
Jo S. (tabulaarasa) - You get a $5 credit towards any purchase in my store! It's my favorite show too! You won the secret prize!

Keep this in mind for future giveaways. Answer all the questions! :)

For the big prizes, I used the random number generator at

Third Place goes to...
108 S. Cai - You get a $10 credit towards any purchase in my store!

Second Place goes to...
118 Cindy K. - You get a necklace and what first place doesn't pick.

First Place goes to...
80 Anita (swtxscape) - You get first dibs on the Prize Pack and necklace!!

Yowza! What lucky girls! Please contact me at to work out the details of your prizes!!

I wish I could make everybody a winner, but I can't. There will be more chances in the future.

Now I leave you with a photo of the Pearl Studs Set I meant to post last time. I was so tired from Black Friday shopping. I have a lot of updating to do...

Strawberries 'n Cream Set - $27, SALE $25
This sweet set of swarovski crystal pearl studs in Rosaline and Lt Cream makes the perfect gift for any friend, bride, or sister. Sterling silver posts and backing. 8mm pearls. Two pairs of pearls are packaged together. Free shipping on this set. ($30 value) Set sold as is for the price, no substitutions. [link]