Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Custom Piece and Christmas Bonus

Hi gals! I want to share you with a custom necklace I just completed! This is for another Stephanie at Beauty is Not Caused. Check out her blog too; she's got videos! I really love doing custom jewelry work. Especially when it's guys trying to pick something for their girlfriends. I think it's so sweet and romantic!

Belle's Dream Necklace - $40
I had no idea how gorgeous these colors look together! I am planning to do more pieces with this color scheme. A medium Deep Sea Blue heart with a 22k gold-vermeil leaf bail snuggled next to a medium Light Topaz heart with its own 22k gold-vermeil bail hang on a 14k gold-filled chain. If you want one like this, e-mail me! It's not listed in my storefront.

See the yellow? Like Belle's Dress from Beauty and the Beast! aww!

Jewelry Lesson
What is vermeil? Vermeil is gold plated over sterling silver! Gold-filled has gold bonded and will not rub off. It's safe for people with sensitive skin, and it should last as long as solid 14k gold jewelry.

Now for a little blast from the past. I took new photos of these earrings from my first line. Order either of these two and get a Christmas bonus!

Princess in Waiting - $17, Sale $15
Light Amythyst AB, Tanzanite, and Golden Shadow round crystal beads separated by crystal rhinestone rondelles. Hanging on sterling silver lever back earrings.

Blue Capri Rounds - $17, Sale $15
Beautifully vibrant Capri Blue round crystal beads linked with cordinating colors by sterling silver balls. Capri Blue, Light Sapphire, Indian Sapphire

What is the Christmas bonus? A few full-sized and sample makeup products in a pouch! ;) Order by Christmas! What a hot deal?! Free shipping and makeup extras? Yes to that!

Incase you were wondering, this is the most popular combination of crane and bead! Silver with a Rosaline Pearl! So pretty. I have only ONE left! I won't have anymore until later next year. Your choice of bead of course!

How is your holiday going? Got the shopping done? I've been baking lots of cookies lately. 3 batches so far this season. That's a record!


Calia Yang said...

gorgeous pieces!

Ciara said...

I love the peices! I'm especially loving the Belle's Dream Necklace!! =D

amynaree said...

Belle's necklace is so gorgeous, you are right the colors compliment each other perfectly!

MeiBelle said...

Awh thanks for giving my blog some love Steph! I cannot wait to get the necklace! I love the name too! Are u referring to the Disney princess? If so that's awesome because she is my favorite princess ^__^

Loves it!!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

lol. Cookies sound good to me right now. haha. I love the Belle's Dream necklace. hehe. Is it Belle from Beauty and the Beast? One of my favorite Disney princess and movie!!! =D That necklace really reminds me of the Disney princess. haha. 'cause you know, in the last dance, Beast turns into a prince and wears blue and Belle wore a yellow gown. lol. I think it's best with heart chain necklace... if there's anything such as gold heart chain =[

MeiBelle said...

Mind if I steal the Belle's dream pic to talk about it on my blog?? =)

Shiseiten said...

The belle necklace is very pretty. i love how vibrant the colors are. :D

Lorelle said...

Lovely pieces, Steph! My favorites are Belle's Dream necklace and the Princess in Waiting earrings! !
& yeahp, I drew on my arm with liner! I have this Revlon liquid liner that didn't work out for me, so I put it to other uses!

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