Friday, December 11, 2009

New Cranes, Hearts, and Crowns

Hi guys, so long time no post! I was busy catching up on things, christmas gifts, custom orders, and a cold! I'm back now! Plus... Free Shipping or free gift wrapping in my store for the holidays. Use code freeship. The free gift wrapping is automatic when you pay for shipping. :)

Christmas Delivery cut off date is December 20 for in-stock US orders!

Heart Cascade Earrings - $18
A custom pair of earrings I made for my Aunt's niece. The hearts do a little "cascade" down your ear from cute puffy sterling silver heart ear wires. Moonlight, Crystal AB, and Rose Swarovski Crystals. Limited, only one left!

Little Crown Studs - $12
I got my hands on these cute little cubic zirconia crown studs! So cute, size reference below! They're part of my Korean fashion imports. I tried making my own crown studs before, but these are much better!

They come in a special clam shell case shaped like a crystal. :)

New colors for my Crane Necklace! The newest 4 colors are on the last row. Alabaster Rose, Alabaster Mint, Sapphire AB. Purple Velvet isn't new, just now round. You may notice that I have taken some colors out as well. The Alabasters have a nice soft pretty look. They're not bling, they're opaque.

I only have a few of these cranes left, and 1-2 of each bead color.

Plus! See the crane necklace in gold and pacific opal ab on the sweet and gorgeous Miss Erica! Hair tutorials are really big right now, check hers out please!! :)

Stay tuned for a new Tree Necklace next time! Stay Warm!


xoladiihoneyxo said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. pretty =] Yes! You did a blog post =D

Calia Yang said...

i love them!!

tfs the video!! ^_^ cute hair do

audrey said...

very beautiful steph :)

e.motion in motion said...

Ohhh pretty! I love the crowns :DD

Kym said...

oooo its erica! hehe! i can relate cus i have a thick head of hair too... >:/

accchhkk, i love the heart cascades one... i'll have to save up for another julu jewelry purchase :)

Lorelle said...

Very lovelyyy! The heart cascade earrings are my favorite! & <3 the alabaster colours ! :D

MeiBelle said...

Beautiful!! and yes u can use my pictures =)

~Lisa said...

Pretty!! ^.^ Love those new earrings! =D

miss.erica said...

Adorable earrings!! And thanks so much for the video link *blushes* I totally forgot to add an annotation to the video and a note on the sidebar...but just FYI I added them and the video is now linked to your store :)

<3 keep up the great work!!

sssdawna said...

im loving your site! can't wait to get back into jewelry making (just as a hobby though i think)

my favorites so far and the sailor moon necklaces = ] they make me smile and bring back good memories of the show.

rhaindropz said...

nice earrings!!!! love love pink!!!

May said...

I love the crown studs and the crane necklaces. They are beautiful. Good job Steph!

I have been super busy with work the past months, had no time to go on blogger. my dad went into hospital yesterday:( I feel ashame to shop and celebrate for the holidays. I might skip all the parties this year. Hope 2010 will be a better year.

I will buy all the gorgeous goodies from you in the future. Have a Merry Christmas with your love ones:)

Sildenafil said...

I really love to give hearts, they really like me a lot and I hope to get some of them so that I can give to my woman that I love, I know that she is going to be very happy with this precious present that I give.

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