Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baroque Pendants are Here

Say hello to the beginning of a Wedding Collection inspired by Jane Austen novels. Specifically Pride and Prejudice. Of course, these are wearable outside of weddings. I designed them that way. ;)

Lizzy Loves Darcy Necklace - $25
A modern take on a necklace suitable for Lizzy on her wedding day (when she's rich). A large and sparkling Baroque crystal in Crystal AB is paired with a small heart in Orchid AB. Sterling Silver chain in 16" or 18". Buy Here, Only One!

I love Baroque Crystals. The first crystal I ever bought to design with was a baroque crystal. My first project was making a sun-catcher for my car so I picked it in Crystal AB. I wanted it to reflect the sun's rays in my car, and it did!

Lizzy Earrings - $16
Light Amethyst Baroque Crystals dangle from a series of three light cream pearls. Completely Swarovski and Sterling Silver. The colors were inspired by the dainty little dresses I've seen in the movies. Buy Here, Only One!

Is anyone else a HUGE fan of A&E's 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice? It's one of my favorite things to watch. It started my love affair with Colin Firth. Did you like how I included a mug of him above? I loved it so much I bought the "making of" book. haha! I also LOVE the one in 2005 with Keira Knightly. It's so friggin romantic, funny, and just plain GOOD. I like to watch that one too because it's a nice condensed version.

A clearer look at these earrings. Also available in 14k gold-filled for $17.50 by custom order.

Hello, my name is Stephanie, and I'm addicted to British period films/ novel adaptations.

Garden Chandelier Earrings (vintage) - $10
I made these maybe 5 years ago and have held on to them since then. They are one of my first earrings I ever made! The metal part is pewter, and the ear wires are rhodium plated. Swarovski crystals in moss and pacific opal with faux pearls. They're available if you want some vintage Julu! Buy Here, Only One!

Dove Song Crystal Necklace is now 20% off
$34.00 $27.20 Buy Here

Let me know if any links don't work!

FREE Lipstick or other full-sized makeup product for every $20 you spend. No code needed. While Supplies last!!

One of my resolutions this year is to post more often per week! :)


Lorelle said...

Ooooh lovely pieces as usual! Love the Lizzy and the Garden Chandelier earrings! Your garden chandeliers are so gorgeous as if you've had years of experience already! Great lipsticks too :)

Linda said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. prettyyyyyyyyyyy *amused eyes*

Calia Yang said...

love these!!!! love the pearls too - big fan of pearls!!

Tammy said...

hahhaha I'm a closet Jane Austen addict XD

kechiko said...

OOOOMG I ♥♥ Jane Austen too! I like the BBC version of Sense & Sensibility and the version with Kate Winslet, and for Pride & Prejudice I like the new one with Keira Knightley... so glad they made sheet music for it too :)

MeiBelle said...

I know I told u this already but these are fabulous! <3

♥ Jhoy ♥ said...

love the earrings they're so beautiful! i love the purple it's my favorite color lol! well keep up the wonderful work and have a awesome weekend!


MariliisJ said...

You make very girly jewelry! I like it!

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