Thursday, January 7, 2010

Golden Lovelies

Morning Y'all! It's Thursdee! If you hear someone say y'all you know they're from Texas. I don't say it because I'm not a morning person, haha. I hear Mondee and Tuesdee frequently. Just random tidbits for ya.

Finally posting the Tree Necklace!! I slap this baby on every day! (my own)

Crystal Tree Necklace - $20
Matte gold finished tree pendant accented with two swarovski crystal on either side. Rosaline pearls and rose crystals. Gold plated chain in 16" or 18" with 2.5" extender. ONLY ONE. (for now)

I decided I will be releasing 4 tree necklaces (including this) in the future. They will be similar, just the bead colors will change. They'll debut one-by-one soon. If you like a design that has been sold and all 4 trees have not debuted yet, you can still reserved one in the style you like. Just e-mail me!

Also! I need help naming the tree necklace!!

Little Crown Studs, gold - $12
I have one of these gold pairs left (for now). I'm working on getting more silver ones, I dunno when that'll be.

Butterfly Chandelier Earrings - $12
Imagine these gold-plated butterflies arranged in a chandelier formation dangling off your ears! They're very fun and shiny earrings. Only Two.

Pink Pearl Studs - $13
Precious little swarovski crystal pearls in a sweet Rosaline Pink color. Sterling silver posts and backing. 6mm pearls.

As you can see, there's new packaging exclusively for these pearls! A glossy teal box with silver ribbon. Perfect for gifting!

Did you know you can just slide the ribbon off your Julu Jewelry boxes? All you have to do is remove the sticker, and slide the ribbon off. No need to untie the ribbon. So that makes it easy to slide back on after you've peeked inside!

If you're curious about an Asian with a Texas accent, check out my favorite Texan Guru, another Stephanie- Stephienese
She just posted a cute and funny story about how she met her boyfriend. Later y'all!


Calia Yang said...

OMG!! that butterfly one is gorgeous!!! not a fan of gold - but this one is HAWT!! love it! love the packaging!!

adin_22 said...

that necklace is sooo pretty.....if only I'm not broke.....and those earrings are just beautiful....

Julie said...

Really unique necklace! But i'm not much of a gold fan.
I absolutely love the pearls <3

applePIE. said...

HOly moly the butterfly earrings are amazing! & no i did NOT know that about the ribbon! I kept untying it and I'd get sad when I tried to put it back on because I wouldn't be able to figure out how, haha! And your packaging for the pearls are very tiffany's-esque. Very pretty!

& speaking of "y'all," being from Texas, do you have that Texan accent? I always wondered how it'd look having an Asian with a Texan accent, LOL.

applePIE. said...

I just went to see her video! Her Texan accent isn't as strong as I thought it would be haha. I think it's because I just started watching True Blood and their accent is like..STRONG. But i can see how many times she says "y'all" in one video, haha.

&LOL good to know i'm not the only one who goes to the wrong car, I do that a lot too!

applePIE. said...

You used to live in Tennessee??? I'm actually amazed you don't have a Texan accent! Aren't you surrounded by it?

The accent actually still bugs me and I'm half-way through the second season. However, what bugs me more than the accent is Sookie's gap in her teeth, I just can't get past it >.<
OH and I always always laugh when Bill says Sookie's name. It sounds so so cheesy ! Haha.

Ciara said...

Hey Stephanie!
Haha! That is so true! I hear it all the time in my town!
I love the new necklace! So prettyful! Hmm...all I'm think is "The Tree of Life", but I'm gonna think some more on it, cause that is what my mum would call a "statement necklace"!
Hope all is well!!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

lol at the Texas slang.

I don't see anything wrong with Tree Necklace c[= It's prettyyyy by the way ;]

Dee said...

Those crown earrings are love! I really like your work! That tree somewhat reminds me of a Willow tree. Nice job!

Lisa said...

those butterflies are INTENSE.

Faboulista said...

beautiful pieces. espeically the gold chandelier earrings.

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

those butterfly earrings are amazing! you always know how to come up with one of a kind pieces girl!

we don't have those Revlon blushes where i live and Hush really is a very pretty colour. thanks for sharing it with me! <3

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