Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grab those Star Bits

As requested, more Star clusters inspired by the Mario Galaxy game. This time there are three on a strand!

Star Bit Clusters Necklace - $17
A large (12mm) swarovski crystal star in the middle of two smaller crystal stars complete this easy-wearing and everyday necklace. The Swarovski crystals are strung on a 16" or 18" sterling silver chain.
Available color combinations below.

Tanzanite, Sapphire, Amethyst

Crystal AB, Tanzanite, Amethyst

Tanzanite, Crystal AB, Tanzanite

Jet, Golden Shadow, Crystal AB

Golden Shadow, Jet, Silver Shade

Crystal AB x3 (my fav)

Only one of each. See them in-store HERE.

If I can get my sister(slave) to model one of these, I'll slip the photo into this post.

What's coming? Valentine's Day!! I've decided to do a short-run giveaway that I'll be posting on Sat/Sun in honor of Valentine's Day. The prizes will include a little candy, a little Lush, and of course some jewelry!! It makes the perfect gift for V-day (I'd like to think so!).

Hope it makes up for my lack of posts. I've got soooo many things to post! Things involving bows, keys, and mushrooms...

OH YEAH!! another TREAT / GWP !!
ALL new orders until February 14th will get a googie bag of candies! This is in-addition to the makeup gwp and the japanese candy you usually get from me.


Linda said...

mwahahahahahahaha, candies!!!! lol. Pretty star necklaces!! =D

amynaree said...

great star pieces! so cute

Denysia said...

Love the necklaces! :D

MeiBelle said...

loves them all Steph!! ^^ <3

Jbreezybaby said...


Calia Yang said...

OMG!! I love the ab one too!!!!! so cuteness!!

Sildenafil said...

Oh I love all this chocolates are so delicious and demonstrate that love is so sweet, and very cute, it has to be treated as well as we haven't treated to someone.

Linda said...

mwahahahahahahaha, candies!!!! lol. Pretty star necklaces!! =D

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