Sunday, February 28, 2010

Loving Koreans and Canadians! Angel Wings

So now that the Olympics is over there's more time for more jewelry posts! I was excited that the Olympics was in Canada this time. It reminded me of all the Canadian friends I've made through blogger! :) I <3 you gals! One day I will travel up there! It was also nice being able to watch it in HD unlike the summer Olympics were I missed the whole Michael Phelps obsession due to being in Vietnam. We could watch some of it, but there's not great coverage like there is here. Plus, who wants to watch tv when you're on vacation?

I haven't featured any of the really cute stud earrings on this blog lately so I thought it was about time!
Pavé Angel Wing Earrings - $16 Sale
Amazingly cute pavé angel wing shapped stud earrings. Adorable for day or night wear. Unlike the other Korean jewelry, these earrings have cubic zirconia and sterling silver posts!
[3 pairs left]

These were really hard to find especially with the sterling posts! Top quality!

They are 7/8" long and 3/8" at the widest point.

Anything that comes out of Korea is just really cute. Take note of Kim Yu-Na. The cutest ice skater I've seen for a really long time. I'm of course still a huge Michelle Kwan fan! But I noticed Yu-Na had really cute diamond crown earrings on during her performances. I dunno if it's a trademark thing b/c they call her Queen Yu-Na, but it reminded me of the crown studs I have in my store.

Congratulations to her and South Korea! Did you know she's only 5'4"? She looks so much taller on tv.

blurry close up of her earring

Petite Crown Studs - $10 on Sale
They are just cute little rhinestone crown studs with surgical steel posts. Unfortunately, I only have one pair right now.
[1 in stock] should I find more??

Gold Victory Chandelier Earrings - $14
Oh my, these are curvy circle discs just like Winter Olympics Gold Medals! I work hard to make my posts go together, haha. I LOVE these earrings more than the butterfly ones. They are shorter in length and more wearable with everything since they're circles. They aren't extremely shiny like on the left side. That is why I stuck my finger in there to show you the direct lights are making it shiny.
Gold plated everything. I can upgrade the ear-wires to 14k gold-filled upon request.
[only one for now]

One last thing!
Bezel Heart Shaped CZ Studs - $12
These sweetly shaped cubic zirconia studs can be worn day or night.
[only one for now]

Size Reference

I ALSO updated the layout and background of my store. You gals who follow me on twitter already know this- it's thanks to you! Anyway, if you haven't seen it check it out and let me know what you think about it! I can't believe I FINALLY put time aside to work on it.

Btw, thanks for the great feedback on the gun jewelry! :)

Tomorrow's Monday and the only good thing about Monday is the mail. It's always backed up from the weekend. At least it is for me!

P.S. sometimes I list things in my store without ever making a blog post about it. So be sure to check my store if I seem to be lacking the blog posts!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Give Love a Bad Name, Guns

It's a little different than what I normally do, but I thought guns would be a fun detour! hehe! I asked my friend who grew up in the south if she thought gun charms would be nice jewelry pieces and she did- so here they are. Guns aren't cute, but I think I still managed to make it work as jewelry by adding pearls. Let me know what you think!

Shot Through The Heart Necklace - $16
This sterling silver necklace features a detailed antique silver gun with a small swarovski pearl dangling below. This necklace features a black pearl. It looks kinda like a bullet right? :)
[two available]

The other Steph and I were trying to think of names for these, and Bon Jovi's song came up so that's where the name for the necklace comes from. Thanks for your help! If you follow me on twitter you will see sneak peeks of new jewelry before anyone else! I always need help naming jewelry too. I value your input! :)

Shot Through The Heart Necklace - $16
A softer look with a light cream pearl.
[only one]

Chain available in 16" or 18" length.

Shot Through The Heart Earrings - $14
Antique silver guns with small swarovski pearls dangling off the trigger area. Sterling Silver earwires.
[only one]

These guns also make good earring dangles. Safe for all ages...

These double guns below are what originally caught my eye. They looked like bows from a distance. Pearls on bows? No, pearls on GUNS! This is sort of the anti-valentine jewelry posting. Linda came up with the name, not me...

Bang Bang Bi0tch Earrings - $14
Antique Silver double guns with a large swarovski pearl looped at the top. I chose Rosaline pink to soften up the earrings. Sterling Silver earwires.
[only one]

Also known as the "bubble gun" earrings.

Bang Bang Bi0tch Earrings - $14
Antique Silver double guns with a large swarovski pearl looped at the top. The pearl color is Black but it looks more like a dark grey. Sterling Silver earwires.
[only one]

Great for that bi0tch in your life. Just kidding! But these are all limited pieces. I don't see myself making more gun jewelry than what there is here.

Also, my shop page got a little makeover. I'm still working on the color scheme. It's a little bright as it is. I like any kind of webpage feedback. Good or bad.

I made more studs, so I have studs for you gals with a $40 purchase! :)

Time to go rock out with the karaoke mic on Rockband!! If I ever meet you gals in real life we have to go karaoke singing!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Unlock Your Dreams, Keys

Hope you guys had a great Valentine's weekend. I'm introducing something completely new for my shop, antique key necklaces! They are one of a kind, long, and romantic! (ok, except for one) When they're gone I'll set out to work on new ones which may or may not be "pretty" looking. I don't know about you but I have a weakness for keys!

I wasn't sure if I should make jewelry like this- it's different from my other work. I hope you like it! :)

Heir To The Throne Key Necklace - $18
Royal themed key charms and a light amethyst swarovski bead surround the large antique key.
[one of a kind]

Pretty Secrets Key Necklace - $18
A very pretty bow and amethyst swarovski bead accent the large antique key. It's not a great name so I'll name it after the person who orders it. :)
[one of a kind]

Walk In The Garden Key Necklace - $18
A heart-shaped locket with peach flower and a cream bead with a flower bead cap complement the large antique key.
[one in stock, and one more possible]

With Love From Paris Key Necklace - $18
An Eiffel tower charm with rhinestones and a heart-shaped locket with a peach blossom dangle with the large antique key.
[one of a kind]

Shown here long at 24" but available up to 28".

Friday, February 12, 2010

White Gold Bail Out, Snow

So I know some of you ladies have very sensitive skin and are allergic to Sterling Silver. I have a little solution for you. Most of your who are allergic already have 18kt white gold chains in your possession. Perhaps just like me your Asian parents gave you this at some point in your life.
While I love white gold, it is not as bright as sterling silver. See here an 18kt white gold chain on top and a sterling silver chain on bottom. The difference? The white gold is grayer than the sterling. You can't really mix and match them b/c it would look funny. What I do have for people with sensitive skin are these new bails that match the color of white gold. See it there next to the cross pendant? The cross is real 18kt white gold. I only have a handful, so if you're interested in purchasing pendants only... e-mail me!
We all know that sterling silver tarnishes (annoyingly so). To help you guys, I decided to include polishing cloths on all sterling necklace orders or orders of two or more sterling earrings. Aren't they cute? They're pink!! This is my current gift-with-purchase. While supplies last!

 I realize I never did post a photo of the silver Alice in Wonderland Necklace. :)
The lovely Megan had requested for me to make some real ribbon bow earrings. I am open to custom designs!
Here she is modeling them. I only have 1-2 extras in stock right now.
I got a shipment of some crystals in today. I have updated the stock in my store. Please take a look at any out of stock items you were thinking about. If it's still not in-stock shoot me an e-mail asap!

Stephanie modeling the Pegasus necklace in clear. Isn't she pretty? I gotta know that lip color! I will be carrying it in Moonlight from now on. The Moonlight colored crystal has a transparent coating on one side to make it reflective. :)

And of course, send me photos!! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Giveaway Winner!

Thank you for sharing these funny and personal moments with me! Before revealing the winners, I wanted to share just some of the stories you wrote me. Let me know which one you responded to.

~A guy went to kiss me on the chin & my huge zit popped right as he did! *gross*

~this isn't a funny embarrassing love moment, but more of a ugh...i hate you because you embarrassed me one. back in 9th grade this boy i liked told me he didn't like me by telling me so in my yearbook! everybody saw it. so now every time i pull out my yearbook, i am reminded. ugh...boys!

~I have a friend who had a crush over this guy and finaly after like two years she decided to text him about it. So she texts him 'I like you blah blah' and waits a bit, and then she got a text back: 'who is this?'

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who R U? he asked Alice

The long awaited Alice In Wonderland Necklace!
This is inspired by the scene where Alice meets the caterpillar. Smoking caterpillars are creepy no doubt, but this necklace is pretty!

Alice In Wonderland Necklace - $26
Antique gold plated mushroom charm, aquamarine heart to match Alice's dress, and white pearl to match her apron. 16" or 18" chain in 14k gold-filled. [1 only]

[silver version pic coming later today!!]
Alice in Wonderland Necklace in Silver - $25
Antique silver plated mushroom charm, aquamarine heart with a french bail, and a white pearl wire wrapped in sterling silver. 16" or 18" chain in sterling silver. [1 only]

Alice Earrings in Gold - $16
Inspired by the bows in Alice's wardrobe, these cute dangly bow earrings! Featuring small Swarovski crystal hearts in aquamarine and white pearls. 14kt gold-filled ear wires. [only one] for now...

If you want these in silver I'm just waiting on the hearts to come in. Let me know down below!

By the way, I lowered the price of the last week's golden hearts earrings. Check it out in my store.

Monday, February 1, 2010

[Closed] Quick Valentine's Giveaway