Sunday, February 28, 2010

Loving Koreans and Canadians! Angel Wings

So now that the Olympics is over there's more time for more jewelry posts! I was excited that the Olympics was in Canada this time. It reminded me of all the Canadian friends I've made through blogger! :) I <3 you gals! One day I will travel up there! It was also nice being able to watch it in HD unlike the summer Olympics were I missed the whole Michael Phelps obsession due to being in Vietnam. We could watch some of it, but there's not great coverage like there is here. Plus, who wants to watch tv when you're on vacation?

I haven't featured any of the really cute stud earrings on this blog lately so I thought it was about time!
Pavé Angel Wing Earrings - $16 Sale
Amazingly cute pavé angel wing shapped stud earrings. Adorable for day or night wear. Unlike the other Korean jewelry, these earrings have cubic zirconia and sterling silver posts!
[3 pairs left]

These were really hard to find especially with the sterling posts! Top quality!

They are 7/8" long and 3/8" at the widest point.

Anything that comes out of Korea is just really cute. Take note of Kim Yu-Na. The cutest ice skater I've seen for a really long time. I'm of course still a huge Michelle Kwan fan! But I noticed Yu-Na had really cute diamond crown earrings on during her performances. I dunno if it's a trademark thing b/c they call her Queen Yu-Na, but it reminded me of the crown studs I have in my store.

Congratulations to her and South Korea! Did you know she's only 5'4"? She looks so much taller on tv.

blurry close up of her earring

Petite Crown Studs - $10 on Sale
They are just cute little rhinestone crown studs with surgical steel posts. Unfortunately, I only have one pair right now.
[1 in stock] should I find more??

Gold Victory Chandelier Earrings - $14
Oh my, these are curvy circle discs just like Winter Olympics Gold Medals! I work hard to make my posts go together, haha. I LOVE these earrings more than the butterfly ones. They are shorter in length and more wearable with everything since they're circles. They aren't extremely shiny like on the left side. That is why I stuck my finger in there to show you the direct lights are making it shiny.
Gold plated everything. I can upgrade the ear-wires to 14k gold-filled upon request.
[only one for now]

One last thing!
Bezel Heart Shaped CZ Studs - $12
These sweetly shaped cubic zirconia studs can be worn day or night.
[only one for now]

Size Reference

I ALSO updated the layout and background of my store. You gals who follow me on twitter already know this- it's thanks to you! Anyway, if you haven't seen it check it out and let me know what you think about it! I can't believe I FINALLY put time aside to work on it.

Btw, thanks for the great feedback on the gun jewelry! :)

Tomorrow's Monday and the only good thing about Monday is the mail. It's always backed up from the weekend. At least it is for me!

P.S. sometimes I list things in my store without ever making a blog post about it. So be sure to check my store if I seem to be lacking the blog posts!


xoladiihoneyxo said...

I'm a Michelle Kwan fan too! Did you know she's going to Tuft University in Boston, MA for her master degree? hehe. Just a fun fact. Loving the wings!!!! =] You go to Vietnam every year? You already know... I like your new layout a lot on both twitter and the official store site =]

Jbreezybaby said...

these are gorgeous steph! I love Michelle Kwan too haha!

Merry said...

Sterling Silver CZ Omega Back Earrings.

Calia Yang said...

i love the crown and wing earrings!!!

MK = total ownage!! always been a fan of hers!

superwoolu said...

I saw Yu-na's crown earrings too and my first thought to mind was that I got to get myself a pair! :p Then i realized I already had a pair haha! I'm loving those wing studs!!

Julie said...

Real cute! I have a Korean boutique near my house that sells the same jewels! :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

I agree that Kim Yu-Na is adorable! Your earrings are so pretty =D

Lilly said...

Love the new layout of your store! Keep up the great work!

P.S. I love Michelle Kwan too. I got into skating because of her :)

sophia said...

Love love those angel wing!! I'm really liking the Korean jewelry! Gaaah wish I had pierced ears to wear those!! >.<

Stacey said...

More crown earrings please! :) Surgical steel or sterling silver posts! (My poor sensitive ears...)

Sildenafil said...

lovely lovely very lovely, this earrings are so wonderful, you can imagine I have never seen them before they look so different to others, I am really reliable of them and who wears them.

Christina T said...

Im in love with the winged earrings..Must not spend money.....aaah!

daichin said...

By any chance, is it possible that the Pavé Angel Wing Earrings made into necklace?

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