Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Giveaway Winner!

Thank you for sharing these funny and personal moments with me! Before revealing the winners, I wanted to share just some of the stories you wrote me. Let me know which one you responded to.

~A guy went to kiss me on the chin & my huge zit popped right as he did! *gross*

~this isn't a funny embarrassing love moment, but more of a ugh...i hate you because you embarrassed me one. back in 9th grade this boy i liked told me he didn't like me by telling me so in my yearbook! everybody saw it. so now every time i pull out my yearbook, i am reminded. ugh...boys!

~I have a friend who had a crush over this guy and finaly after like two years she decided to text him about it. So she texts him 'I like you blah blah' and waits a bit, and then she got a text back: 'who is this?'

~my boyfriend was really wild when i met him compared to one day while at school i was drinking tea and he decided that he would slide on the table and so he did and went straight into my tea..i was covered in tea lol, it made it look like i wet my pants luckily the tea wasn't hot lol .

~At a Halloween party I spotted a cute guy who kept smiling and looking at me.  Since he was cute I flirted and smiled back as well.  Later on in the night he came up to me and said " I like your skirt it's so cute, I think I'm going to wear something like that next year".  DOH!

~There was this one time when me and my bf were in my backyard sitting on the hammock and just talking about random stuff. That day was the day he told me "he was in love with me" (awwwww <3) of course i wasn't ready to tell him "i was in love with him" anyways, it was time for him to go and we just hugged for a a really long time, you know when you just hold each other FOREVER.... as we were going to give a kiss good bye, The sprinkler system went off and we were soak and wet! started screaming and ran!It was soo embarrasing... but a funny moment i'll always remember =)

~My ex bf made a chocolate heart for me once. It was SOOO gross. It looked like poop and tasted awful because he had tried to melt regular chocolate and form it into a heart. He made me eat it and I did because I felt guilty not accepting his gift. Afterward I realized it was because he had put a gift on the inside and I ended up biting into it, hurting myself... YUCK!!

~My one and only valentines day date was when my bf and i were going to go to the movies for valentines day.  Well I locked my keys in the car and had to get AAA to get them.  Was late for the movie so went to dinner instead and we both forgot our credit cards so he had to walk to the closest band with his atm card.  It was a really bad valentines day, but it was a funny one.

~Uhm...Probably when I just randomly kissed this very random dude in some also random bar xD He was pretty ugly and annoying too...I'm never going to do that again lol xD

~I once got caught making out in the back of my bf's car in the dark by cops :( hehe I WAS 16 at the time. Naughty!!

~I was on a dinner date when I had my monthly period.  It stained my skirt so I had trouble hiding it and walking around.  After the meals, I asked the guy to take me home.

~My ex-boyfriend split up from me the day before valentines day but it must of been too late for him to cancel the red roses he'd ordered to my office.  So many people kept coming up to me telling me how sweet he was and how lucky I was and I just burst into tears!  Embarassing and sad :(

Now I guess you want to hear my story right??
There's not much going on in my love department, but there was that one time...
So I decided to break up with this guy, and I met him outside of a coffee shop on the same street of where I worked to do so. It was a pretty sad time because he did not see it coming. I felt really bad for him so we just kinda stood on the sidewalk talking. Then my boss drives by and pulls up right in front of us, gets out and decides to take a photo of us. He had never seen my boyfriend before so he was all excited (and he is a photographer). I'm emitting angry looks and thoughts so my boss gets the message and drives away. OMG, so I have a breakup photo, and it's our only photo together. I wonder what happened to him. If you're reading this e-mail me! lol!

Now the WINNERS!
1st Place goes to JEN from Frmheadtotoe! You're a lucky girl! You win the Lizzy Loves Darcy necklace and a Lush product! Please e-mail me your info!

2nd Place goes to IRIS!! Your recent order qualified you to win! Congrats! You win the Aurora's Kiss Earrings and a lush product! Please e-mail me your info!

3rd Place goes to KATIE from thatsallyeah! You win a $5 Gift Certificate to my shop. I will be e-mailing you later today. :)

So that's all folks! I plan on doing something again next month for my customers! Probably a contest. Something to do with the jewelry boxes you have from me. Make sure you're keeping them! ;)
Peach Flower Studs I made recently. Find them in my shop!

More jewels next time! Thanks for the great response! I <3 you all!


e.motion in motion said...

LOOLL those are some funny stories XD I especially LOL'D at the Halloween party one haha!

Congrats to the winners!!

Lulu said...

yay congrats to all the winners! Jen is a lucky gal this month :D aww ur story is so cute and bittersweet :p

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I was closeeeeee for the first one. LOL. My name is just above Jen's! haha. Congratulation to all the winners =] Nice giveaway!! hehe. I enjoyed reading all the embarrassing love moments. hehe.

Audrey said...

I can totally relate to texting. been there. done that. not a good feeling. haha

Calia Yang said...

congrats girls!!!!

what a cute story - break up photo! LOL NICE!!

Katie Ngo said...

ohhh yay! :) Thanks Steph. <3

amynaree said...

love reading all the stories!!! congrats to all the winners

Megan said...

Haha those are awesome stories. Congrats to the winners. Heck yeah a giveaway with your old boxes I can totally win that one, I save like everything.

Marie. said...

Wow, those were great stories haha.

adin_22 said...

love reading the stories....& congrats to the winners..

applePIE. said...

Congrats to the winners!
I bet your boss felt pretty awkward afterwards!

Katie Ngo said...

hey steph! Waiting for your email! :)

Dina (XYYan) said...

love those stories, congrats to the winners!

MeiBelle said...

Awh congrats to everyone who won!!! ^___^ I love giveaways!

And I LOVE those earrings. Me want now!! <3

audrey said...

hey Steph thank you very much for your participation :)
i haven't seen your new designs!! they are very gorgeous^^ i love Alice and that was a great idea of you to do inspired pieces of this disney :)

Stacey C. said...

heyyy steph :)
I love my Pegasus necklace wearing it right now woohoo! and thanks for those crown earrings very cute. Letting my boyfriend munch on those sweets tomorrow.

The angel wing earrings i think my friends gf should like it he like the necklace from zales but i think earrings will do for her bday.

Looking forward to the other package soon!

Marie. said...

Wow, those were great stories haha.

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