Friday, February 12, 2010

White Gold Bail Out, Snow

So I know some of you ladies have very sensitive skin and are allergic to Sterling Silver. I have a little solution for you. Most of your who are allergic already have 18kt white gold chains in your possession. Perhaps just like me your Asian parents gave you this at some point in your life.
While I love white gold, it is not as bright as sterling silver. See here an 18kt white gold chain on top and a sterling silver chain on bottom. The difference? The white gold is grayer than the sterling. You can't really mix and match them b/c it would look funny. What I do have for people with sensitive skin are these new bails that match the color of white gold. See it there next to the cross pendant? The cross is real 18kt white gold. I only have a handful, so if you're interested in purchasing pendants only... e-mail me!
We all know that sterling silver tarnishes (annoyingly so). To help you guys, I decided to include polishing cloths on all sterling necklace orders or orders of two or more sterling earrings. Aren't they cute? They're pink!! This is my current gift-with-purchase. While supplies last!

 I realize I never did post a photo of the silver Alice in Wonderland Necklace. :)
The lovely Megan had requested for me to make some real ribbon bow earrings. I am open to custom designs!
Here she is modeling them. I only have 1-2 extras in stock right now.
I got a shipment of some crystals in today. I have updated the stock in my store. Please take a look at any out of stock items you were thinking about. If it's still not in-stock shoot me an e-mail asap!

Stephanie modeling the Pegasus necklace in clear. Isn't she pretty? I gotta know that lip color! I will be carrying it in Moonlight from now on. The Moonlight colored crystal has a transparent coating on one side to make it reflective. :)

And of course, send me photos!! :)

Hope you guys are staying warm! We had our first snow of the year today. It snowed 6-7 inches! It's gotta be the most I've seen in my part of Texas ever! I know it's nothing to you guys with snowmageddon going on. If you have pics of your snowmageddon, I'd like to see!

This was my sad attempt at a snowman! He's only 2/3s done, aww. I'll finish him off tomorrow if I can. I got sidetracked with shoveling the driveway, haha. Plus my hands were freezing since I don't have proper gloves!


xoladiihoneyxo said...

Why does my white gold look different o.O

yay for pendants =D
hmmm, I kind of like the cross but my mom will kill me if she sees me wearing it. lol. She'll be like, "excuse me missy, did you convert? Do you want to eat 5 woods (in viet)?" lol. You know what that means! haha.

adin_22 said...

yay for snow....haha...I'm kidding..I'm hating snow right now......

MeiBelle said...

Steph....I love that necklace, the one with the pink heart!

You are too cute with your snowman. I'm glad u didn't have to go anywhere yesterday! lol ^^

THe lipcolor is from VS it's called Scrumptious =)

Stephanie said...

I did go somewhere. I wanted to drive around in the snow. Which resulted in me having to shovel the driveway. fun!

Calia Yang said...

I really liked this post and the compare - thanks for sharing!!! and pink polishing cloths are SWEET!!! I like!!!

superwoolu said...

when did you make the heart with cross necklaceeee??? HOW COME I DID NOT SEE... I wanttttt :(

London's-beauty said...

that's freezing!! at least you made a snowman! :P i always fail mine, it always tumbles down as i make it bigger x

Dee said...

Beautiful! I think my white gold looks different too, haha. We only had snow here for a few seconds. I wanted snowmageddon!

Sildenafil said...

this chain is very lovely, all this chains are very powerful and meaningful, Also I think that this would be so amazingly to give, it shows how life is and why we cant say no, and even not to lose direction.

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