Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Give Love a Bad Name, Guns

It's a little different than what I normally do, but I thought guns would be a fun detour! hehe! I asked my friend who grew up in the south if she thought gun charms would be nice jewelry pieces and she did- so here they are. Guns aren't cute, but I think I still managed to make it work as jewelry by adding pearls. Let me know what you think!

Shot Through The Heart Necklace - $16
This sterling silver necklace features a detailed antique silver gun with a small swarovski pearl dangling below. This necklace features a black pearl. It looks kinda like a bullet right? :)
[two available]

The other Steph and I were trying to think of names for these, and Bon Jovi's song came up so that's where the name for the necklace comes from. Thanks for your help! If you follow me on twitter you will see sneak peeks of new jewelry before anyone else! I always need help naming jewelry too. I value your input! :)

Shot Through The Heart Necklace - $16
A softer look with a light cream pearl.
[only one]

Chain available in 16" or 18" length.

Shot Through The Heart Earrings - $14
Antique silver guns with small swarovski pearls dangling off the trigger area. Sterling Silver earwires.
[only one]

These guns also make good earring dangles. Safe for all ages...

These double guns below are what originally caught my eye. They looked like bows from a distance. Pearls on bows? No, pearls on GUNS! This is sort of the anti-valentine jewelry posting. Linda came up with the name, not me...

Bang Bang Bi0tch Earrings - $14
Antique Silver double guns with a large swarovski pearl looped at the top. I chose Rosaline pink to soften up the earrings. Sterling Silver earwires.
[only one]

Also known as the "bubble gun" earrings.

Bang Bang Bi0tch Earrings - $14
Antique Silver double guns with a large swarovski pearl looped at the top. The pearl color is Black but it looks more like a dark grey. Sterling Silver earwires.
[only one]

Great for that bi0tch in your life. Just kidding! But these are all limited pieces. I don't see myself making more gun jewelry than what there is here.

Also, my shop page got a little makeover. I'm still working on the color scheme. It's a little bright as it is. I like any kind of webpage feedback. Good or bad.

I made more studs, so I have studs for you gals with a $40 purchase! :)

Time to go rock out with the karaoke mic on Rockband!! If I ever meet you gals in real life we have to go karaoke singing!


e.motion in motion said...

Ohh I really like the Shot Through the Heart one with the cream pearl!!! :D These are fab! I agree, an awesome detour from girly crystal jewelry,, not that those aren't awesome too (;

Julie said...

i love 'em :) really cute. But i don't think mom would approve.. She has this thing against people wearing guns as jewelry.. i just don't get it.
Good job (:

MeiBelle said...

Ballinnnn lol. I love it Steph! I love that you called it "You Give Love A Bad Name" it's funny, today John picked me up from the train station and this song was playing. I loled =)

Kym said...

i LOVE it!!!! i love how different it is from the usuals i see around.... shot through the heart and you're to blame baby you give loooooooove a bad name! (bad name) hahaha now its stuck in my head! :) love the name "Bang Bang Bi0tch" haha!

Maggie said...

WOW! LOVE THEM! So cute and pretty! And such creative names too, lol. ^^

Angela said...

haha cute name for the jewelry

pnk-purri said...

Like I said early, you make guns fashionable! Really clever idea adding the pearl. It's like the pearl is the bullet. XD

Samantha said...

I love love love all the shot through the heart designs! The concept itself is so edgy chic and genius!

And the fact that it's "safe for all ages" makes it cuter ;)
Great job!! :) :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Karaoke is def. not my thing. If Mr. Hunnie Bear can't make me sing karaoke..... you can't either! mwahahahaha. and you can't make me drunk because I don't get drunk! woot woot!

Shot Through the Heart is def. a better name than "bang bang bi0tch" lol! The necklace is absolutely GORGEOUS & STUNNING!!!!

I'm not good at naming jewelries like Steph *sad face*.... NOT! lol. But seriously, Steph is wayyyy creative at naming them than me. lol. I love them all! I wonder what will people think if I wear them as jewelry pieces, especially Mr. Hunnie Bear.

You finally posted them up =] Post the other one you showed me too! The simple earrings. hehe. Now gun is def. your thanggggg woman :wink:

~tHiAmErE~ said...

bang bang biotch
love the name!
soooooooooooo creative

what a nice addition to your jewelry,hun
a fun detour indeed!

Calia Yang said...

OMG!!! you know - the guns look awesome!!! esp the ones that cross together! i love these!

Saving Capulet said...

guns arent cute, but they are COOL! they look mighty awesome!

Paul said...

I'm a definite "gun guy" who happened to stumble upon this page while searching for other things. I have to applaud you on your accuracy(pun not intended), given how small those pieces are, the level of detail you pack into it is really impressive!

Some guns can be "cute"(according to a female friend of mine who's into shooting), especially the miniature pistols, and that carries over to these as well.

I'll have to bookmark this page for later on when said friend of mine's birthday rolls around.


Maggie said...

WOW! LOVE THEM! So cute and pretty! And such creative names too, lol. ^^

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