Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Contest- win storage!

Officially announcing the contest for my customers!! I love you girls and guys so I want to give back! It's been a great almost 6 months of jewelry blogging! It has not been easy that's for sure. I wouldn't still be going if it wasn't for you all. :) Thank you thank you!

This contest is rather unique so you'll need to read all the rules and qualifications.

The basics of this contest are that I want you to re-purpose your jewelry boxes (shown below) into something useful. It can be ANYTHING but it has got to be creative and actually useful. You can do one or a bunch or use a bunch together. It's free reign!

You have free reign to use any part of the "packaging" that I give you including the ribbons! You've seen my creative side and I want to see yours!

This is open to past and future customers or people who have received Julu Jewelry as gifts :) Open worldwide!

You will need to email me the photos (2 minimum) and after the deadline I will post them all in a blog post ready for you all to vote on.  DEADLINE APRIL 11, 2009, midnight CST. That's two full weeks girls! You will be sent a confirmation email with a free shipping code within 1-2 days for entering. :D

It would also be a good idea to post what you did on your blog too. That way when it's voting time you'll have some followers to vote for you!!

The PRIZE? Your choice of an acrylic necklace holder OR acrylic earring rack. I think these look really cool all clear. I know that when I put my jewelry away in a box I am less likely to wear it. I want to encourage you to wear it! I'll also send you little tarnish strips that will keep the enclosed area tarnish free for months.

What else? another prize OPTION- you can choose any item in my store up to $20. :) For the ladies who already have awesome jewelry storage. So it's either jewelry or an organizer.

Btw, don't just buy kraft boxes from the store and make something. It's gotta be something from me! :)

If you have any questions, let me know! Good luck and I can't wait to get those emails!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wild Strawberries are hot

Oh man, I think it's been more than a week since I've posted. Read on for a little new, old, and a little behind the scenes.

These are the three newest colors in my rose garden. Wild Strawberry, Soft Lilac, and Tiff Blue.

Also there's Denim Blue and Purple colors for the rose studs. I want to get some white ones in the future.
There are only a couple pairs left of each color. [LINK]

Angel Wings are back! My Twitter follwers got the jump on these last week.
I only have a few more pairs left! [LINK]

So the reason why I've been lacking on posts is in the photo right here. I've made tons of crane earrings! These are for a special lady who's getting married! A gift to her bridesmaids! Like many things I've had this design for months but I just didn't post it. Mostly due to me never getting around to taking proper photos.

So I realized I still haven't taken proper photos... but I will list a couple pairs in the store anyway with this photo. :P The one hanging below has a rose crystal with a rose pearl. These are my favorite dangly earrings lately. Two little cranes floating beside my face... [BUY]
So do you see that martini glass in the background? haha. It's full of folded paper stars. Oh my messy desk...

Also a flock of matching crane necklaces!

Finally got some updated business cards! Who knows why it took me this long to get proper ones. I got them on pearl coated paper from Zazzle. It's more expensive, but I love how it turned out. Did you catch how the circles or faux "bokeh" is the same as on my twitter background and the aqua strips symbolize my ribbon!

Now the back has a use too! Looks strangely plain for a back right?

But oh look- It doubles as a jewelry card! What I do is slice off the aqua part on the front, nifty eh? Saves me time from cutting card-stock and stickers- yay!

I found this really pretty scrap-booking paper. Love my clovers (quatrefoil). Cut it into strips...

Wrapped it around like this! Did you know I had special gift wrapping available in the "Order Add-Ons" section if my store? The paper slip makes it easier to sneak a peek inside. Just slide it off! duh! Sorry if I have a sneaky mentality. During x-mas I'd always been sneaking at the presents trying to secretly opening them and putting them back.

A preview of fancy earrings for prom season! They sparkle oh so nicely with a little black dress. :) Another martini glass...

So I'm planning on writing up the giveaway post tomorrow. That is the plan and let's hope I can stick to it!

Thank you gals for a really great year so far! <3

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Rose Garden, Free shipping

Can you see what I'm growing here? A little rose garden. I've given them a lot of love. I hope you'll do the same.

I've introduced a sneak peak of these before. Those who follow me on twitter know about them. I think they're very sweet looking (even in black).
They measure 1cm in width and are made of resin.
I used special glue to attach these to Surgical Steel posts and backing. They should be safe for people with metal sensitivity including sterling. But, if you like sterling I can do that too- just email me first.
These earrings should not come apart- I even tested one out and tried to rip it apart. I couldn't- I had to use a knife and strong force to wedge it apart.

I've been wanting to do trio sets forever! I put all of these on sale as an intro. Yay! Share with your friends!

Rose Studs- YOU pick - $8.50 SALE, orig $10
You can also order them individually to customize your own Trio or Duo. They will be packed in the same box.
[link] Fyi, there's only one of each color because I put the rest in sets.

Lolita Rose Stud Set - $25 SALE, orig $30
Delicate rose flower stud earrings with detailed ruffles in Black, Soft Grey, and Vintage Plum.
Inspired by a Lolita or Victorian Doll.
Black like her black lace. Grey like her pale eyes. Vintage Plum like her blushed cheeks.


Easter Rose Stud Set - $25 SALE, orig $30
Delicate rose flower stud earrings with detailed ruffles in Sky Blue, Buttercream, and Coral Pink.
Pretty pastel Easter themed.

Trendy Rose Stud Set - *reserved*, reg $32
Delicate rose flower stud earrings with detailed ruffles in Black (licorice), Heart bezel CZ, and Soft Gray. My favorite!
This was a custom request you can't have it unless you're the person who requested it. :P Though... it could be back in stock soon... it all depends on your requests. :)

Liberty Rose Stud Set - $26 SALE, reg $30
Delicate rose flower stud earrings with detailed ruffles in Vintage Plum and Sky Blue. Also with Rhinestone Hearts (new).
Colors inspired by Mac's Libery of London Colors! Did you buy anything from the collection? I didn't so I could be totally off on the whole "inspired" thing.

Sweet Rose Stud Set - $26 SALE, reg $30
Delicate rose flower stud earrings with detailed ruffles in Coral Pink and Buttercream. Plus Rhinestone Hearts (new).
Inspired by fresh new spring looks. A little sweet + a little sparkle.

Free shipping with code "lucky" until the end of March 17 for St. Paddy's Day! Applies to first-class mail only.

WHO REMEMBERS SIXLETS? I had no idea what they were called but I remember these from my childhood! Not amazing candy but it's nostalgic which makes it good. I found some to share! :)

I hope this does not end up being the only post for the week. I've got to take time to finish my taxes on my own. My mom laughs at me because she knows I didn't want to be an accountant but that's what I end up doing now...

I hope everyone HAD or will HAVE a great sprink break!! Go wild!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Clover Heaven

I know I haven't updated in a week, but I have a few new necklaces and lots of pics.
If you guys stalk me enough you know I really like clovers. So I present to you LOTS of clover necklaces!

A common saying is "to be in clover". It means to live a carefree life of ease, comfort, or prosperity. Who doesn't want that?

St. Paddy's Necklace - $23
This silver-plated large 4 leafed clover looks like four hearts stuck together. :) It's attached with a jump ring so it won't flip. The small crystal heart is Emerald AB. Also available in Gold on 14k gold-filled chain. *I wore and tested one just like this.*
[only two]

Solitaire Clover Pendant - $21
This is a very simple necklace that can be worn two ways. String it through two leaves for a symmetrical look or through one leaf for modern look. (See below) Sterling silver chain in 16" or 18" available. Also available in Gold on 14k gold-filled chain.
[only two]

It can also be worn like this- strung through one leaf. This way is prone to flipping left and right. The pendant is double sided so it looks normal either side.

Good Luck Necklace - $22
A silver plated open styled clover pendant with light olive and white crystal pearls on both sides of this necklace. Sterling silver chain in 16" or 18" available. Swarovksi Crystals. Also available in Gold on 14k gold-filled chain.
[only one]

Lucky in Love Necklace - $25
A sterling silver chain necklace with an antiqued silver clover charm, a medium emerald crystal heart, and a white crystal pearl. Chain length of 16" or 18" available. Also available in Gold on 14k gold-filled chain. More photos in the listing.
[only one]

Lucky In Love Earrings - $20
Feel the luck with small dangling crystal emerald hearts, antiqued silver clover charms, and light olivine crystal beads hanging on your ears. Sterling silver ear wires and chain. Swarovski Crystal. Also available in Gold on 14k gold-filled chain.
[only one] This looks much cuter dangling from your ears than in the photo.

A real four leaf clover! [wikipedia]
Wishbone Necklace in Gold - $21
Gold plated wishbone pendant with rhinestone accent. 14K Gold-filled chain in 16" or 18" lengths. If you'd prefer a gold-plated chain (cheaper) it's $17.
Did anyone watch Wishbone as a kid? It was about a dog who reenacted classic literature. It was so awesome!
[only three]

Today's promo? All gold versions of the necklace are the same price as the silver ones!

Shoutout to Samantha! :) Another custom Key Necklace.

Don't forget my favorite clover necklace of all time. I love long necklaces. Expect me to make more for summer. They go great with just a tank top too! This necklace can't be double layered unless you have a small neck btw. It's meant to be worn as one strand. [only one] Free custom covered gift box with this necklace!

Joanna wearing a sold out clover necklace. I added more modeled jewelry photos to the slide show on the left sidebar! If you want your photo there email me your pics (face or not, haha). If it's not there then I forgot to save it... so just bug me about it! :)

Random: I took the which olympic mascot are you quiz and I got Quatchi!! Yeah! He's so cute especially in plushie form.

Follow me on twitter for sneak peaks, discounts, and freebies:

Oh, btw I know my "linkwithin" widget is not supposed to be at the top. Does anyone know why it's doing this?  It only does it on the first blog of the page...

I keep adding to this! Giveaway News! Keep working on your creative box ideas ladies! The contest will happen once I figure out the rules and PRIZE(s). Possibly a jewelry organizer or something...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just what I was looking for

Don't forget to scroll to the bottom for possible giveaway info. :)
I really thought I wouldn't be able to make these again because the filigree heart was so hard to find. Well I DID find them! So they're back in stock! This time in sterling silver instead of platinum though. :)
Filigree Hearts Earrings - $17
[two for now]

This is just a short post because I realize I should be posting more! Here's a look at some custom work I did a couple weeks back!

*edit* I got a question about this key necklace so I will link it early. I can only make a couple right now. More upon request! Let me know if you'd like a different color for the heart. Sapphire AB is pictured.
[2 available]

Also, this key looks REALLY nice and simple with JUST a heart and key. The heart falls right in the center of the key's heart. I don't have a photo of that, but e-mail me if you're interested in that.

Shout out to Shanece!

So now that it's March I need to start thinking about a giveaway for this month! I was thinking about doing a customer appreciation giveaway/contest this time! I wanted to know what you guys do with the jewelry boxes I send you. (besides keeping the jewelry) I think it would be interesting if you came up with a creative "re-use" for them and submitted a picture for the readers to vote on. We could have one or two winners for the most creative, funny or something. What do you gals think?