Monday, March 15, 2010

My Rose Garden, Free shipping

Can you see what I'm growing here? A little rose garden. I've given them a lot of love. I hope you'll do the same.

I've introduced a sneak peak of these before. Those who follow me on twitter know about them. I think they're very sweet looking (even in black).
They measure 1cm in width and are made of resin.
I used special glue to attach these to Surgical Steel posts and backing. They should be safe for people with metal sensitivity including sterling. But, if you like sterling I can do that too- just email me first.
These earrings should not come apart- I even tested one out and tried to rip it apart. I couldn't- I had to use a knife and strong force to wedge it apart.

I've been wanting to do trio sets forever! I put all of these on sale as an intro. Yay! Share with your friends!

Rose Studs- YOU pick - $8.50 SALE, orig $10
You can also order them individually to customize your own Trio or Duo. They will be packed in the same box.
[link] Fyi, there's only one of each color because I put the rest in sets.

Lolita Rose Stud Set - $25 SALE, orig $30
Delicate rose flower stud earrings with detailed ruffles in Black, Soft Grey, and Vintage Plum.
Inspired by a Lolita or Victorian Doll.
Black like her black lace. Grey like her pale eyes. Vintage Plum like her blushed cheeks.


Easter Rose Stud Set - $25 SALE, orig $30
Delicate rose flower stud earrings with detailed ruffles in Sky Blue, Buttercream, and Coral Pink.
Pretty pastel Easter themed.

Trendy Rose Stud Set - *reserved*, reg $32
Delicate rose flower stud earrings with detailed ruffles in Black (licorice), Heart bezel CZ, and Soft Gray. My favorite!
This was a custom request you can't have it unless you're the person who requested it. :P Though... it could be back in stock soon... it all depends on your requests. :)

Liberty Rose Stud Set - $26 SALE, reg $30
Delicate rose flower stud earrings with detailed ruffles in Vintage Plum and Sky Blue. Also with Rhinestone Hearts (new).
Colors inspired by Mac's Libery of London Colors! Did you buy anything from the collection? I didn't so I could be totally off on the whole "inspired" thing.

Sweet Rose Stud Set - $26 SALE, reg $30
Delicate rose flower stud earrings with detailed ruffles in Coral Pink and Buttercream. Plus Rhinestone Hearts (new).
Inspired by fresh new spring looks. A little sweet + a little sparkle.

Free shipping with code "lucky" until the end of March 17 for St. Paddy's Day! Applies to first-class mail only.

WHO REMEMBERS SIXLETS? I had no idea what they were called but I remember these from my childhood! Not amazing candy but it's nostalgic which makes it good. I found some to share! :)

I hope this does not end up being the only post for the week. I've got to take time to finish my taxes on my own. My mom laughs at me because she knows I didn't want to be an accountant but that's what I end up doing now...

I hope everyone HAD or will HAVE a great sprink break!! Go wild!


e.motion in motion said...

Aww, they're super cute! It's really great that you're using a special glue; 2 pairs of stud earrings I got from diff jewelry bloggers broke on me, after only a week! :(

Sixlets! Is that the one with the chocolate inside? (:

Oh and of course you can use the pictures! I'd be honored! :D

Stephanie said...

Erynn- glue sticks better on resin flowers than smooth crystals so that helps!
yes It has chocolate! :)

Vanilla said...

awww too pretty! i like seeing ppl wearing flower earrings but it just doesnt match my personality!lol

Dina (XYYan) said...

i always want a pair of rose studs like these! they are all so pretty :)

Cyd said...

omgggggg really really cuteeee love those roses and the diamond heart <3

Stacey said...

The pastel colors really remind me of icing on cupcakes!!

Like in this photo...


Shiseiten said...

Those sets are nicely coordinated! Love the look with the heart studs too. :D Super cute!

Saving Capulet said...

those are the loveliest rose studs ive ever seen!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

You're an accounting for yourself or accounting as a side job on top of jewelries?

I like how you put the studs together like that =] Prettyyyyyy!

Don't forget to make Lindah her candy necklace for them asian Kit Kats. lol.

applePIE. said...

i am totally loving the roses and the puffy hearts but i'm having such a hard time picking a color!

Calia Yang said...

GORGEOUS!!!! the roses are so beautiful!

Tammy said...

I love those kind of earrings! I got myself a white pair in HK yesterday right before seeing your post hehe I predict youre going to sell them like hotcakes!

Dao said...

Just ordered a pair from you! Thanks for the free shipping code!

Susan said...

Love the Rosebud Studs! Hope you make some more of the Coral Pink. Unfortunately it was out of stock when I put my order in. :(
Looking forward to your spring designs!!

Stephanie said...

Susan- Thanks! I don't have anymore Coral Pinks and it may be some time before I do, but I did get a few more supplies in today. They are lilac, hot pink, and aqua teal. E-mail me if you want to see pics early! :)

Megan said...

I let Zack hold one of my rose studs for a few minutes and he was unable to break it so they're 2 year old proof. You and your damn candy... okay time to go eat my pb cups...

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