Monday, April 26, 2010

Angel Wings with Pearls

Hi guys, just one new thing tonight! Uber cute angel wing earrings!! :) I was happy to get my hands on these puffy looking angel studs earring parts. I added the swarovski pearl with sterling silver wire.

Angel Wing Pearl Earrings - $14
Very cute rhodium plated angel wings studs with a large pink or white swarovski pearl.
[Only one of each]

Shown here in daylight but they kinda look the same, right? There's only one of each, and I'm not sure if I'll be making more...

*edit- Jian is right! They do look like something from Cardcaptor Sakura! Very anime cutesy!*

Anyhow, I hope everyone has a nice a productive week! I know I need one.


xoladiihoneyxo said...

awww, those are so cute... you should make dangle ones =] teehee?

ning * star said...

that is sooo cute <3 lovely!

Mary said...

These earrings are adorable <3

Dao said...

My sleep-deprived brain said the wings look like knuckles :) Pretty earrings!

Jian said...

They are cuuuuuute! I love puffy wings. They remind me of the kawaii-style ones in the days I used to love Cardcaptor Sakura as a kiddo! =D

Angela said...

they look adorable, if u ever do make more. u should do it in blue and green. =]

Susan said...

So so CUTE! LOVE the angel wing posts and pearls!!:D

Stephanie said...

Susan- I have extra white pearls so I can switch them out with the pink ones FYI. :) PLUS I got more AB cubes!!

Misu said...

They're really cute!! Especially the pink ones.

Misu said...

They're really cute!! Especially the pink ones.

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