Friday, April 23, 2010

New Cubes, Roses, and Heart Studs

I have more studs like I promised! If you've been stalking my store then you've already noticed these but without photos. Here they are finally! I wanted to show you real quick so you can take advantage of that coupon from the previous post. :)

I recently updated my store with three new colors and restocked the Coral Pink. Mulberry is sold out already! I'm trying to determine which of the 13 colors should stay and which should go!

A better look at the pretty white color. A favorite of Susan's! ;)

New Ice Cube crystal colors in Rose, Aquamarine, and Aurora Borealis
[see them here]

This is Aurora Borealis and has a coating on the outside making it more opaque but still shiny.
[only ONE]

I finally took photos of the Fancy Heart Stud Earrings in Clear Diamond.

A size reference. Also available in Rose and Sapphire. Ooo Ahh!


MeiBelle said...

stalking? i don't know what u're talking about.........

Denysia said...

Lovely pieces! :D

Saving Capulet said...

oooh i used to have those ice cube earrings!!

applePIE. said...

i'm really really sad the ab's are gone already ! =( but i'm really liking those blushing pink roses !

Susan said...

Thanks for posting the new ice cube earring colors!! I wanted to see how blue the aquamarine is. Also love the new Aurora Borealis ones!!

aChau said...

Love the Rose Studs!!!

aChau said...

Love the Rose Studs!!!

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