Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back to the Beach Necklaces & new pearl bracelet

I sketched out a design for these necklaces a couple months back, and I'm so glad it's finally summer so I can show you. Apparently they channel some Mac To The Beach collection vibe so I was wanting to release them at the same time. (Linda's idea!) Who's getting Marine Life? :)

What are your plans this summer? I'm going to Vietnam in June so some orders will be delayed a couple of weeks. To make up for that and to celebrate my birthday month, shipping is free all month long! We'll start early now! Be sure to use code "summer" during checkout! <3 Applies to first-class shipping only.

Back To The Beach (seahorse) [SHOP]
For the centerpiece there is a large Swarovski Crystal AB Starfish. It is balanced by a medium-sized Freshwater Coin Pearl and a large Sterling Silver Seahorse. Being sterling silver, the seahorse has a nice weight to it. All components are sterling silver including the chain in your length of choice. 16"-20". [only one]

The sterling charms are top quality did you know sterling is sold by the ounce?

So here I have an option for you if you don't like seahorses. But who doesn't like seahorses?? This sterling silver Conch Shell is gorgeous too.

In the Water Necklace (seahorse) [SHOP]
I also have this necklace in a separate listing with an Indicolite colored starfish. Turns out this blue is similar to that eyeshadow Shimmermoss? Am I right? What makes this unique is the Freshwater Coin Pearl. Each one is slightly different so no necklace will ever be the same. It is a disc shaped pearl, hence the name coin pearl. [only one]

The starfish crystal is really a Gorgeously cut crystal pendant. I'm not just sayin'... If you haven't seen it in person you must!

Of course an option with the Conch Shell.

Orchid Blossom Bracelet [SHOP]
A more gradual pearl gradient than the last bracelet. The largest bead here is 10mm instead and is flattering on even small wrists. Cyclamen Opal purple rondelles give a pop of color and the antique pewter bow clasp finishes off the sweet look of the bracelet. 6.5" length. Sterling Silver components and Swarovski Pearls and Beads.

Only one - more  upon request! Colors are customizable.

The bracelet turned out looking similar to these Phalaenopsis Orchids with the pop of purple.

Now for the totally random part of the post...

Sometimes you get these rushes of creativity and you have to keep working until you've finished. Being in the "zone." The opposite of writer's block. Then when you're done you feel really good and proud of your work. Anyone ever experienced this with your own hobby or circumstance? Don't you love it?!

Now the random photo!
The beach complete with a bum!

Later this week there will be a CSN giveaway- stay tuned!

Let me know if you've seen Avenue Q before! I'm going to see it tonight!


xoladiihoneyxo said...

pretty necklace and bracelet! I'm glad you finally got around doing them =] hmm, well, he needs a place to sleep so why not a relaxing place! I've never seen Avenue Q.

Dao said...

So pretty! I love the white AB star with the sea horse. I hope you'll have fun in VN. Eat lots of good food and wear sunscreen :)

Shiseiten said...

I love back to the beach with the seahorse. definitely my favorite. :)

Stacey said...

Just lovely! :)

What are the sizes of the crystals and charms?

Audrey said...

love the random beach bum pic. hahaha

Jbreezybaby said...

i love these!!! very summer slash sea shore-ish :))

Pearl Necklace said...

Very beautiful designs. Thanks for the sharing.

Muhammad Atif said...

Those star shaped pearls are amazing, it requires rich art to make such designs, wonderful work it is.
Freshwater Pearls

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