Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Classic Pieces for Mother's Day, Free Shipping Upgrade

For the new followers out there I wanted to re-share some classic popular pieces! These would be perfect for your Mom on Mother's Day! If you need it quick please type in "shipping upgrade" in the comments section for free upgrade to Priority Shipping! Valid Wednesday and Thursday til 1pm. I can't guarantee it will make it there in time (by sat) if you order after that time. US only.











psst! Thanks for taking a look at my jewelry! A mini giveaway starts now! To win the Filigree Hearts earrings please leave a comment below telling me your plans for Mother's Day. Winner will be picked randomly. Ends this Saturday at midnight! :D Good Luck!!


Stephanie said...

I plan to spend my time relaxing with my baby girl and take my mom out for dinner :)

Elana said...

Hey! I think we're gonna order sushi and gouge on it with the grandparents, mm sushi <3

Emmeline L. said...

I plan to spend my time with my mother by having a nice homecooked breakfast and then some shopping in the afternoon (:

Megan said...

Planning to go out for dinner with Zacker. Although I think my present this year was maternity clothes... hehe.

Shiseiten said...

I'm away at school, so I can't do much for my mother, but I was hoping that I could print out a big 11x14 of a print of one of my photographs that she really likes and mount and frame it to hang at home when I go visit. I'll end up calling her too on mother's day just to say i love you. :)

superwoolu said...

not here to join since I have a pair and hope some other girl is lucky to win the earrings! but like to share what I'm going to do.... just the usual, family dinner, maybe try really hard not to argue with my mum too much on Mother's Day.. since it IS her big day :p

InsideOut Elle said...

I won't be able to see my mother on mother's day this year...:( but if I could I would take her out for dinner and give her a card and makeup that I ordered from Japan :) But for this year I guess I'll just call and send her the things...I miss her a lot...

applePIE. said...

Don't enter me as I have already won one of your giveaways =) just wanted to say hope you and your mom have a great mother's day !! =)

Stacey said...

I'm in Taiwan right now... so on Mother's Day I wil be travelling back to Japan... 2 hours on a plane... then a 3 hour wait... then 6 hours on bus.. gets me home at 6 am ... in time to phone home and say happy mother's day :P

Shirley said...

Probably going to go treat my mom out for dinner with my brother :)

joey said...

ill be getting the flowers and my dad will be doing the whole dinner pizzazz
it will be great =)

Kelly said...

I won't get to see my mom for Mother's Day; I'm staying in a different city to study for my finals :(. However, last weekend I visited my sister in a different city and got her to sign a card I bought and when I got back home, I sketched a picture of our cute family dog (who she adores!) and sent it off to her. Hopefully, she'll get it in time :) and of course I'll call her and wish her a happy Mother's Day!

MeiBelle said...

Omg, totally missed out on this post! =\

My plans for Mum's day is going to happen next week, I'm gonna take her out to Morimoto's (Iron Chef's) or Mario Batali's restaurant. She loves them, and i figured that this would be an awesome way to spoil her! =)

Katie Ngo said...

Tomorrow (Sunday) I'm taking my mother out to this Vietnamese place, Quang for lunch. :) Then out to shop for mothers day. She loves the pho there so I'm sure she will eat plenty of it. Wish my father was here though so we could plan it together, but hes watching over us. I hope you and your mother have a great mothers day wknd! <3

Susan said...

For Mother's Day I will be spending it with my family (husband, son, and daughter) visiting my Mom and Dad. Both have been sick, so they do not feel like going out to a restaurant. We will be bringing them bakery treats including rainbow cupcakes my daughter made!!
Wishing you and your mother a wonderful Mother's Day to cherish!

Kittin said...

My plans for mother's day was originally just to spend some time with her, but i got called in for work. =[ So I'll probably just give her a bag of chocolates i got her earlier and wish her happy mother's day

Shirley said...

Probably going to go treat my mom out for dinner with my brother :)

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