Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pearl Bracelet Finally and Love from Lisa

Woo hoo, so I finally made my first pearl bracelet for this blog! Took long enough, don't ya think? haha. Check it out! Keep reading for info on a referral program and some custom work.

Surprisingly not many people entered the mini giveaway from my last post... it ends today...

Lovingly Lavender Pearl Bracelet - $29
A gorgeous strand of Lavender pearls and rhinestone rondelles. Provence Lavender butterfly crystals accent the ends. The clasp features an antique silver curly heart. Measures 7.5" long BUT can be made shorter to a custom length.
[only one]
Lavender is the newest Swarovski pearl color. This bracelet can be made in any pearl color of your choice such as white or cream or pink! Most of you will probably need it 6.5 inches? Let me know your size.

Now some custom work!!
Designed by my favorite daily beauty blogger, Erynn of { e.motion in: motion; }
Every Queen Needs her Crown Necklace - $21
Antique silver royal crown with dangling a small crystal ab heart and pearl. 16" or 18" sterling silver chain.

Modeled here by the gorgeous Erynn herself. If you visit her blog you'll instantly see how creative she is.
I want to start a special referral program. If you custom design a necklace with me from scratch, and if I sell 5 necklaces of that Exact design you will receive a store credit for a future necklace/earrings. I'm not exactly sure about the details yet so I'll be flexible. If you had a custom design in the past and you want to join this program, please email me and we'll work it out!

Your Heart is my Hostage Necklace - $19
I love this! Also designed by Erynn and one of my back-burner ideas, this necklace features an antique crossed gun charm with a small Swarovski crystal heart in Light Rose AB. Sterling silver links and 16" or 18" sterling silver chain.

How about a modeled pic? ;) They would probably make cute earrings too!

Sunset Romance Necklace - $40, sale $38
A romantic pairing of gold and pink. Features a Light Rose AB Swarovski Heart and Golden Shadow Pegasus Pendant. 14k Gold-Filled bails and 16" or 18" chain. It's simple but the color pairing is so classy and romantic! I've had this for months and months and months but finally posting it. Inspired by Samantha! <3
[only one]

Want to know what Lisa of HQCD sent me? Click over to my beauty blog!


joey said...

omg the lavender pearl bracelet is so gorgeous!
i love the gradient sizing of the pearls, mayhaps a matching necklace will be coming soon ? ;)


MeiBelle said...

Erin is gorgeous!!! That necklace is super pretty and the pearl bracelet is so pretty Steph. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! Might have to get one in white.... =D

* Jewelry Designer: Harjot * said...

Sweet Designs

xoladiihoneyxo said...

ohhh, love the designs! Finally posted a picture of the bracelet =]

Susan said...

Love the lavender pearls! And the Crown Necklace is Gorgeous! Erin models the necklace beautifully. It is such an amazing piece of jewelry and Erin is sooo pretty!

Erin said...

hey i was just wondering what kind of beading wire you used for the pearl bracelet? I am having trouble finding the perfect one! P.s. the bracelet is beautiful! :)

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