Thursday, June 3, 2010

Restocked and boy it's HOT!

Texas has been extremely hot this week, and it's nearing the triple digits for this weekend! I've needed to use my ceiling fan everyday and thankfully there is one in every room. I've been rethinking the lighting in my room. A fan with lights is a must in Texas. When I visit people in CA I notice their rooms don't even have lights or fans in the ceiling. Honestly I find it so odd! Is it like that for you guys?

The heat is making me less excited about traveling to Vietnam next week...

Anyhow, soon I will be having a giveaway on this blog sponsored by CSN Stores. Never heard of CSN Stores? Well they are one of the top 3 home and office goods e-tailers in the country. They've got pretty much anything you are looking for in their shop. Even fancy jewelry boxes! I was reading about their company and I was impressed [read here]. They have a network of more than 200 stores so you'll surely find something you like. Expect the next post to be the giveaway! :P

Here are the items that are restocked- and more! Incase you were wondering...


Lulu said...

omg so cute! I'm loving the first earrings~!

Dao said...

The first and second pairs of earrings are so cute! My aunt in CA has a fan in her living room. Yes, it's been 90+ degrees in my hood, too. Have fun in VN. My mom told me crystal beads are cheap there :)

Tammy said...

The first pair of earrings are darling!
Hehehe you must be so excited for's coming up so soon!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I still love those angel wings =] Have fun in Vietnam! Yay for CSN! Never heard of them until you mentioned about them. Are you going to have a giveaway before vacation or after?

Shop N' Chomp said...

Haha! We have lights but no fan b/c we just have A/C I guess. Ooh, I wish I were back in Vietnam! Totally missing all the great grub. :) Have fun!!

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