Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cute Bow studs and old favorites for Fall! End of Summer SALE!

I've got a few new cute studs to show you! As some of you know these go quick and sometimes they can't be restocked. If you see something you like now I suggest grabbing it quick. I still get e-mails for korean styles from last year, but I don't have them anymore :(


Wavy Silver Bow Earrings
I love how the curl of this hangs like a real ribbon. So cute! [ONLY ONE]

Tied Bow Earrings in Gold

modeled here for size reference

Sooty Grey Owl Studs
My new obsession for Fall! I can possibly restock these... possibly. e-mail me if out of stock.

My mom recognized this as my ear. Moms...

It's back!
Gold Victory Chandelier Earrings

Petite Crown Studs are back too!

[sale over]

You may have been wondering where is the new stuff? Where have I been? I do have new stuff coming and lately I've been trying to do local shows for fun. I did a successful one at A-Fest in Dallas! It was my first convention ever and it was loads of fun. I plan on showing you the cute things I bought.

Thanks for sticking with me even when I disappear for a couple of weeks! Love you all!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Brides and Bridesmaids

Sorry for the lack of updates! Here is part of what I've been up to.

My guy cousin got married recently, and I wanted to send a little gift over to his bride before the wedding. Here is my "bride packaging."

I doodled these up and brought them to life! I like to sketch out earrings or mock them up in photoshop when I have down time.

I ended up using a smaller briolette because it looked more balanced in real life.

Gotta love the Crystal AB color. Here it looks blue.

Here on the skin it looks yellow!

I never met Stacy (the bride) before so I tried to make the earrings as irresistible as possible! ;) I had no idea what she was like. I didn't even expect her to wear these at her wedding so I was surprised to hear she did! I still have not met her since they live in California, and I didn't attend the wedding. Hopefully next year I'll see everyone for New Year's?

Here is my gorgeous new cousin Stacy! I love her dress and flowers. Very romantic!

A kiss on the cheek and a peek at the earrings in action. She is the first bride to wear earrings from me on her wedding! (that I know of)

I also had a request to customize my Little Leaves necklace to a fall theme. The bride wanted fall colors to match her bridesmaids. We settled on a nice chocolate brown bead and striking topaz heart.

I love these earrings! I was asked to make a matching pair of earrings for her maid of honor. I will have to make more of these and add them to my permanent collection.

The maid of honor set.