Thursday, October 21, 2010

A time for the living and a time for the dead

Before I realized it, it was mid-October already and I still haven't posted my special necklace I've been thinking about for months already!

If you like skulls and you think they're well... cute- then I think you'll love this necklace!
Día de los Muertos Necklace - only one! [shop]
For this necklace I used a Rhodium plated (white gold color) skull pendant carved with rose details, a white swarovski pearl, and a stationary resin blood red rose. This particular necklace is one of a kind because of the 24" silver plated chain I used. There's only one of this style chain. There is also a sterling option available.

In this close up you can see the detailed rose carvings and the ability to adjust the necklace so the rose is placed near the skull pendant. [shown with sterling chain]

It kind of looks like a Catrina... but happier. []

Earlier I had a question about small red flower studs. Yes I do have them! [shop]

Thanks for sticking with me, gals! To show my appreciation one of you who comments below with your Halloween costume idea will win a crystal flower stud in the color of your choice!! Leave your e-mail too so I can contact you! Ends in 2 days!

Ideas are nice but I want to know what you will actually BE for Halloween! :)
*Giveaway Over* The Winner is ELLE! :)


Lisa said...

We should do an xmas swap!

I'm gonna be FANG from FFXII for halloween:
Still waiting for my costume, hope it's as awesome as it looks in the phtoos.

Are your dressing up?
My roomies & I are throwing a Harry Potter food/deco themed part on the 30th, will show pix ;)

superwoolu said...

are you going to go out for halloween?? I saw this hilarious halloween makeup tutorial by this HK celeb as a "scary bitch" and has inspired me to become that on halloween XD (...if I end up going out that is).

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I don't do anything for Halloween... can I just be me and someone can be Bruno Marz? lol. The skull is cute, what did your mom say about it?

InsideOut Elle said...

I'm prolly going to be Alice from American McGee :)

Your skull necklace is adorable, it kinda reminds me of Corpse Bride actually ^_^!

Shiseiten said...

I love the necklace! I just came back from a concert where they had the same theme. Im very tempted to get it. hehe. I'm going to be a cute version of minnie mouse. I bought a red and black patterned heart skirt from H&M and some sparkly minnie ears from Disneyland. lol. Excited to wear it with appropriate makeup and accessories. :D

Calia Yang said...

that's a very cool skull!!! and the rose is GORGEOUS!

i still dunno what we're doing for halloween and dunno what to dress my kids up as.

swtiine said...

That is a very cool necklace, I must say :D

I'm going to be a geek this year, hehe! Glasses & all!

Saving Capulet said...

omg, that necklace is AWESOME!! i loove skulls!

Erin said...

the skull pieces are super cute!

MeiBelle said...

Congrats to Elle! I do love the necklace! I really hope to see more of your pieces!

Are you going to do anything for halloween? I wanted to be Lightning from FF13, but due to money and circumstance, halloween is going to be blah for me again. I guess I can throw on some crazy lashes for the day lol

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