Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Cyber Monday Sale and New Items

There's so many Cyber Monday Sales to keep track of this year, but here is mine!

These are the Mini Pumpkin Pies I mentioned in the last post!

[sale over]

I've also added more things to the shop lately!

Taro Black Tea Earrings [shop]

Floral Wreath Hoop Earrings [shop]

Flower Basket Earrings [shop] one of a kind!

Expanding my Rose Stud collection with this Flirty ones in four colors. [shop]

My favorite new Star Bouquet studs [shop]

There are three flower designs on each stud, hence the Bouquet name. I used to have WHITE but it sold out.

I've also added some Crystal Basics that are wallet friendly!
Sapphire Crystal Heart Earrings

Light Topaz Crystal Star Earrings

Crystal AB Star Earrings


~Lisa said...

Yuumm! That looks deelish! ^^

And omg!! It's those earrings again!! I remember it was the earring from...Tammy's (?) giveaway that made me fall in love with your site! ^^ Now I think I'm falling in love again! *sigh* ♥.♥

xoladiihoneyxo said...

omg.... the earrings.. I love 'em! ohhh, looks yummy! Kinda remind me of........ custard cake? or was it call egg tart? Don't remember... asian pastry that most asians tends to love to eat!

MeiBelle said...

Everything looks great! Earrings, pies and all! You're so creative ^^ I love the floral wreath earrings

bostoniancouture said...

I came across your site and just wanted to say... I love the earrings especially Taro Black Tea Earrings ! <3

siwing said...

woah.. i've been loving really dainty earrings lately.. and the roses are so pretty!

Stacey said...

the taro black tea earrings are cute!

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