Sunday, January 31, 2010

Divine Angel Wing Earrings

It's been a really long time since I've done some earrings, so I'm finally posting my Angel Wing Earrings! I was inspired by xteeener to make these after I saw her wear plain ones in her video. She's my favorite youtube makeup guru! I love her channel because she's real, and her looks are very wearable. She also does reviews, hair, fashion, vlogs, and more. Check her out if you haven't. But I'm 100% sure you have! Let me know down below who your #1 makeup guru is.

Three new colors you don't see on my blog much, Sapphire, Fuchsia, and Blue Zircon. These are saturated jewel tones. I was torn between these colors and tanzanite and jet black. I love the rocker look of it.

Divine Angel Wing Earrings - $16
Antique silver angel wings are accented with a dangling swarovski crystal heart in your choice of color. Sterling Silver earwires.
[4 available]

Let me know if you gold lovers out there want me to find golden wings.

Crystal AB, shiny shiny

Sapphire, pretty royal blue

Fuchsia, intense pink

Blue Zircon, somewhere between emerald and teal, my new fav

Remember these? The Angel Wing Earrings have a similar design to my Long Golden Leaves Earrings. I still have a couple!

By request, I have some bows and hearts earrings. It's for the 14k gold lovers!I have silver bows, but they won't be released until next week or later... And yes, I'm SURE you've seen bows and hearts everywhere, but while it's common, it's still cute right? I know my friend Lisa has made some black ones with tails in the past. Her craftsmanship is top-notch!

I like to wear these when I'm in a hurry, just like the tweet tweets.

Golden Bow Earrings with Hearts - $17
Shiny gold plated bow connectors with small deep sea blue hearts. 14K gold-filled earwires, safe for everyone! [1 available]

Golden Bow Earrings with Hearts - $17
Shiny gold plated bow connectors with small golden shadow hearts. 14K gold-filled earwires, safe for everyone! [1 available]

I'm happy to downgrade the 14k gold-filled wires to plated-gold if you do not need top quality for your ears. Just e-mail me. :)

Don't forget, let me know down below who your #1 makeup guru is! Or comedy if that's your thing.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grab those Star Bits

As requested, more Star clusters inspired by the Mario Galaxy game. This time there are three on a strand!

Star Bit Clusters Necklace - $17
A large (12mm) swarovski crystal star in the middle of two smaller crystal stars complete this easy-wearing and everyday necklace. The Swarovski crystals are strung on a 16" or 18" sterling silver chain.
Available color combinations below.

Tanzanite, Sapphire, Amethyst

Crystal AB, Tanzanite, Amethyst

Tanzanite, Crystal AB, Tanzanite

Jet, Golden Shadow, Crystal AB

Golden Shadow, Jet, Silver Shade

Crystal AB x3 (my fav)

Only one of each. See them in-store HERE.

Friday, January 22, 2010

That's one hot Steph

No, not me. It's Steph from She's my new Julu Jewelry Model. Do I really have models now? Who would have thought so?! She sent me these hot pics, so please take a look! Isn't she flawless?

Steph can be seen here wearing the Butterfly Chandelier Earrings.

Oh yeah, and show her blog some love!

Butterfly Chandelier Earrings - $12, sale $10
Imagine these gold-plated butterflies arranged in a chandelier formation dangling off your ears! They're very fun and shiny earrings. Gold plated earwires. 14k gold filled option available. Only Two.

The second in the Crystal Tree series (2 of 4). It's in Rosaline like Steph has modeled here.

haha, don't forget you can click the photos to get a better look. ;)

Crystal Tree Necklace - $20
Matte gold finished tree pendant accented with two swarovski crystal on either side. Rosaline pearls and rose crystals. Gold plated chain in 16" or 18" with 2" extender. ONLY ONE

Teddy Bear Love Necklace - $22
Teddy Bears are BACK for those of you wondering!
It's an antique silver charm paired with a Light Rose AB medium heart on a sterling silver chain in 16" or 18". I think it's so cute, it has stitching details and a little heart on it's front. Only Two available.

Banana and Ginkgo Drops 14kt (Golden Shadow) - $19
Gold-filled chain, components, and ear wires give these Banana and Ginko earrings a romantic feel. Antiqued Gold Ginkgo charms. Linked Here.

As usual, you can check my store for up to date item availability. Of course, many more items than this are back in stock- I just wanted to share the popular ones. There is a new stock feature I'm testing out too. It tells you the availability of each item on each page.

One of my goals this year is to improve the layout of my official shop with new banners and color schemes. Second is to set up a Fan Page on Facebook. (giveaway when I do this?) Third is to try to open an etsy shop with pieces that also appeal to people in their late 20s to early 40s. Meaning more gold and more luxe jewelry.

Sorry I'm on repeat this week due to all the new TV shows coming back. New stuff next week! I have so many supplies like lockets and keys...

P.S. Feel free to send me hot pics of yourself anytime! lol! just make sure you're wearing some Julu. :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fly me to the moon little birdie

Who out there loves twitter? If you follow me you know I abuse it and "chat" on there when it's supposed to be "micro-blogging." I find myself exceeding the 140 character limit too often, and that's a sign I'm not using it properly. Sorry if I spam yours. Follow me anyways? :รพ

This week I will be revisiting some favorites that are back in stock.

Moon and Pearl Necklace - $24
An easy to wear necklace with a medium sized (20mm) Swarovski Crystal AB Moon pendant paired with a swarovski pearl. Features Sterling Silver tab bail and chain.
16" or 18" available. Two Left!

Originally designed for and modeled by the lovely Megan. Please check out her blog! She is having her first giveaway. Go and find out what the highly desired prize is! :)

Tweet Tweet Earrings - $15
Originally named "A little birdie told me"
Cute birdies wire wrapped with a Light Azore AB crystal dangling. It's a gorgeous icy light blue. Sterling silver materials. Matte silver plated birdie.
SOLD OUT! E-mail me if you think I should make more...

Those earrings look like they're floating right? So awesome! I bought a clear acrylic earring rack that makes it easier to take pics with. I was previously sporting an earring rack I made out of thin wooden dowels. Maybe one day I'll post a pic of them both if you're nosey.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baroque Pendants are Here

Say hello to the beginning of a Wedding Collection inspired by Jane Austen novels. Specifically Pride and Prejudice. Of course, these are wearable outside of weddings. I designed them that way. ;)

Lizzy Loves Darcy Necklace - $25
A modern take on a necklace suitable for Lizzy on her wedding day (when she's rich). A large and sparkling Baroque crystal in Crystal AB is paired with a small heart in Orchid AB. Sterling Silver chain in 16" or 18". Buy Here, Only One!

I love Baroque Crystals. The first crystal I ever bought to design with was a baroque crystal. My first project was making a sun-catcher for my car so I picked it in Crystal AB. I wanted it to reflect the sun's rays in my car, and it did!

Lizzy Earrings - $16
Light Amethyst Baroque Crystals dangle from a series of three light cream pearls. Completely Swarovski and Sterling Silver. The colors were inspired by the dainty little dresses I've seen in the movies. Buy Here, Only One!

Is anyone else a HUGE fan of A&E's 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice? It's one of my favorite things to watch. It started my love affair with Colin Firth. Did you like how I included a mug of him above? I loved it so much I bought the "making of" book. haha! I also LOVE the one in 2005 with Keira Knightly. It's so friggin romantic, funny, and just plain GOOD. I like to watch that one too because it's a nice condensed version.

A clearer look at these earrings. Also available in 14k gold-filled for $17.50 by custom order.

Hello, my name is Stephanie, and I'm addicted to British period films/ novel adaptations.

Garden Chandelier Earrings (vintage) - $10
I made these maybe 5 years ago and have held on to them since then. They are one of my first earrings I ever made! The metal part is pewter, and the ear wires are rhodium plated. Swarovski crystals in moss and pacific opal with faux pearls. They're available if you want some vintage Julu! Buy Here, Only One!

Dove Song Crystal Necklace is now 20% off
$34.00 $27.20 Buy Here

Let me know if any links don't work!

FREE Lipstick or other full-sized makeup product for every $20 you spend. No code needed. While Supplies last!!

One of my resolutions this year is to post more often per week! :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Golden Lovelies

Morning Y'all! It's Thursdee! If you hear someone say y'all you know they're from Texas. I don't say it because I'm not a morning person, haha. I hear Mondee and Tuesdee frequently. Just random tidbits for ya.

Finally posting the Tree Necklace!! I slap this baby on every day! (my own)

Crystal Tree Necklace - $20
Matte gold finished tree pendant accented with two swarovski crystal on either side. Rosaline pearls and rose crystals. Gold plated chain in 16" or 18" with 2.5" extender. ONLY ONE. (for now)

I decided I will be releasing 4 tree necklaces (including this) in the future. They will be similar, just the bead colors will change. They'll debut one-by-one soon. If you like a design that has been sold and all 4 trees have not debuted yet, you can still reserved one in the style you like. Just e-mail me!

Also! I need help naming the tree necklace!!

Little Crown Studs, gold - $12
I have one of these gold pairs left (for now). I'm working on getting more silver ones, I dunno when that'll be.

Butterfly Chandelier Earrings - $12
Imagine these gold-plated butterflies arranged in a chandelier formation dangling off your ears! They're very fun and shiny earrings. Only Two.

Pink Pearl Studs - $13
Precious little swarovski crystal pearls in a sweet Rosaline Pink color. Sterling silver posts and backing. 6mm pearls.

As you can see, there's new packaging exclusively for these pearls! A glossy teal box with silver ribbon. Perfect for gifting!

Did you know you can just slide the ribbon off your Julu Jewelry boxes? All you have to do is remove the sticker, and slide the ribbon off. No need to untie the ribbon. So that makes it easy to slide back on after you've peeked inside!

If you're curious about an Asian with a Texas accent, check out my favorite Texan Guru, another Stephanie- Stephienese
She just posted a cute and funny story about how she met her boyfriend. Later y'all!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Guys can be romantic

A guy friend that I've known since elementary school called me up and asked if I could make special earrings for his girlfriend. Of course I was excited to oblige! I think it's so cute that his girlfriend went to our jr high and high school, but they didn't talk that much and NOW after college they are dating! So beware, you never know you could still end up with that guy who sat behind you in pre-cal!

Lexie Earrings
She's a lucky girl, and he's a good old friend- so I had to make these earrings EXTRA special! I have not posted chandelier earrings on this blog before, but I used to make them for myself back in the day. I was obsessed with chandelier earrings, that's all I would wear! He was envisioning something like this. Imagine a tall red head with long red hair! He wanted to use this blue 1) because it would look good with her hair and 2) it needed to match a necklace from the Swarovski store in Germany he bought!

Gunmetal and Capri Blue swarovski makes a great combo. I love all the ideas my friends suggest! These earrings are one-of-a-kind in the gunmetal finish. I do have the ability to make ONE pair in silver though. This was kinda pricey so e-mail if you want something like this.

Teddy Bear Love Necklace - $24
For those Teddy Bear lovers out there. I've gotten lots of requests for teddy bears, so here it is! It's an antique silver charm paired with a Light Rose AB medium heart on a sterling silver chain in 16" or 18". I think it's so cute, it has stitching details and a little heart on it's front. Only Two available.

Introducing my new LE colors for medium hearts this year. These colors are limited to my supply, which is only 2 per color. Black Diamond AB is my all-time favorite Swarovski color. I glad to finally have it in a medium heart size!

not pictured is Siam AB (sparkling red)

Happy New Year!! 2 more years til the end of the world! :)

Hurry FREE SHIPPING ends Jan 5th!! code: freeship