Monday, April 26, 2010

Angel Wings with Pearls

Hi guys, just one new thing tonight! Uber cute angel wing earrings!! :) I was happy to get my hands on these puffy looking angel studs earring parts. I added the swarovski pearl with sterling silver wire.

Angel Wing Pearl Earrings - $14
Very cute rhodium plated angel wings studs with a large pink or white swarovski pearl.
[Only one of each]

Shown here in daylight but they kinda look the same, right? There's only one of each, and I'm not sure if I'll be making more...

*edit- Jian is right! They do look like something from Cardcaptor Sakura! Very anime cutesy!*

Anyhow, I hope everyone has a nice a productive week! I know I need one.

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Cubes, Roses, and Heart Studs

I have more studs like I promised! If you've been stalking my store then you've already noticed these but without photos. Here they are finally! I wanted to show you real quick so you can take advantage of that coupon from the previous post. :)

I recently updated my store with three new colors and restocked the Coral Pink. Mulberry is sold out already! I'm trying to determine which of the 13 colors should stay and which should go!

A better look at the pretty white color. A favorite of Susan's! ;)

New Ice Cube crystal colors in Rose, Aquamarine, and Aurora Borealis
[see them here]

This is Aurora Borealis and has a coating on the outside making it more opaque but still shiny.
[only ONE]

I finally took photos of the Fancy Heart Stud Earrings in Clear Diamond.

A size reference. Also available in Rose and Sapphire. Ooo Ahh!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Elephant hoops and Contest winners

Hey gals I know it's been a really long time since I posted anything new. I've been feeling not so great lately. I do have new stuff and photos to edit so hopefully this weekend I can do another post. I've dropped the ball lately and have been running low on shipping/packaging supplies, but I do have tons of jewelry materials and designs that need to come to life. So expect some new stuff soon. I even have a couple pearl bracelets I put off, but hopefully I can show them to you soon! This weekend should be really busy since I'm also planning on taking my sister's Senior Portraits. If they turn out good I'll let you guys see them!

Anyhow, here is a pair of earrings I recently posted in my shop.

Elephant Hoops - [sold]
When I saw these charms I HAD to have them right away. I originally wanted to make it into a necklace but I received the hoops at the same time and they just worked as hoops better. The sterling silver hoops are artisan crafted by the way. So they are rather unique. I like the idea of working with handmade components where I can't wield them myself. I would if I had the resources! The elephants are completely sterling silver and hollow inside so they are really very light earrings.

I will be ordering additional elephant charms soon so please let me know(comment/email) if you would be interested in these now or at anytime in the future!  
Modeled on my silly ears from my Dailybooth account.

So if you haven't checked the previous post I'll officially tell you who the contest winners are!
First place goes to AMY!! You got a whopping 53% of the votes!! Congrats! I will mail your PRIZE out with a little surprise! :)
Since I always do a Second place Megan will also receive a little surprise for her entry!

Thank you to the five ladies who entered!!

I also recently did a twitter giveaway for Lemon-Lime rose studs! Follow-me for more chances to win makeup and jewelry!

In the spirit of Earth Day I put out a new coupon "earthday"
Receive $4 off your $22 purchase thru 4/24

Oh, btw I also stocked up on japanese candies! Kit Kats and sweettarts! I will include some in your order while supplies last.

P.S. check out new rose studs in White, Mulberry (Medium red-violet), and Blush Pink! Pic coming soon!
P.P.S. those silver key and crown necklaces are back in stock!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Contest Entries revealed- time to VOTE!!

Two weeks ago I asked to see what you do with the jewelry boxes I send you as part of my first contest. Sadly I only had 5 entries.. BUT this is good news for those of you who entered!

Samantha's adorable designs for storing nothing but jewelry and dog teeth? :)

Creatively displaying her knick knacks as fully expandable wall art.

Will Megan's son in Cars pjs win you over? It takes 3 jewelry boxes to fill him up.

Boxes strung together as room decor and carefully painted.

Decoupaged with Lady Gaga, Princess Peach, and Lumas. Ready to surprise a friend with goodies inside!

It's time to VOTE VOTE VOTE!!
I recommend telling your followers/friends/everyone to come here and vote for you! Feel free to leave a comment on why you should win :)
ends 4/17/10 at 11AM

Which Entry Do You Like?

p.s. I still have a valid free shipping code floating around...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Flower Crystal Earrings

Happy Easter everyone! I've got some special flower studs for you! Keep on reading to see why these are unique crystal studs.

First though I want to remind you to enter the customer appreciation contest. See the previous post for details. I've only received TWO entries so far!

Flower Crystal Studs - $12 each
Fancy crystal flower studs in Lt Siam Red, Aqua, Fuchsia, Light Rose, Peridot, and Clear. I only have one pair of most colors for now. This is just a sampler pack of colors I started with. Surgical steel posts. 6mm crystal.

I will have more next week of the popular colors. E-mail me to reserve high quantities.

See how there is NO hole? This is not a bead! Swarovski makes "fancy" stone crystals which means there are no holes. These particular crystals even have a platinum foiling on the back making the crystal appear more brilliant on your ear. Regular crystal beads without the backing will have a line showing across it and the flower petals will appear faded. The platinum backing prevents the faded look. Beads = holes and stones = no holes. Get it? :)

Ice Cube Crystal Studs - $14
These are really unique and hard to find crystals. If you look closely at the photos you'll notice how the cube is at an angle. They're my favorite this week and I've been wearing them a lot! Right now I have them in two colors for the 6mm size (medium) and one color for the 4mm size (small). The small size ($13) is perfect for the "other" holes in your ear. Shown in Violet, Silver, and Peridot. Surgical steel posts.

It's an angled ice cube so the corner sticks out.

Modeled here for size reference in Violet.

Square Rivoli Crystal Studs - $13 deep sea blue
I only have ONE pair of these crystal square studs in Heliotrope/DeepSeaBlue. This is THAT blue/purple crystal that goes by many names. It's a really RARE and vintage fancy stone from Swarovski. Only a lucky few of us will get to wear these. :( You can't see all the pretty colors it shines in the photo- it also reflects purple! Surgical steel post.

But if you like the shape I have a handful of these in a clear crystal color. It's not transparent due to the foiled backing but it's clear in the sense that it has no color. Think diamonds.
Square Rivoli Crystal Studs - $12 clear
I will be restocking these!

Modeled here by the lovely Mimi aka Mungchungtoo YouTube Beauty Guru

Fancy Heart Crystal Studs - $12
Crystal heart stones with platinum foiling. No holes. Shown here in rose. Surgical steel posts.

Fancy Heart Crystal Studs - $12
Crystal heart stones with platinum foiling. No holes. Shown here in Sapphire. Surgical steel posts.

Side view

Round Rivoli Crystal Studs - $12, SALE $10
Crystal round stones with a pointed tip. Shown here in rose, sapphire, and peridot. Surgical steel posts. One of each color.

Can you tell I've been on a stud kick?

I will add these to the store later tonight. The store is undergoing maintenance right now, so I will update it as soon I as can! Thanks for your patience.

Hope everyone has a really happy Easter tomorrow. I've celebrated by eating a Cadbury Egg. It really is TOO sweet. Are the original ones in the UK less sweet? PLUS DOCTOR WHO IS BACK! OMG!