Thursday, October 21, 2010

A time for the living and a time for the dead

Before I realized it, it was mid-October already and I still haven't posted my special necklace I've been thinking about for months already!

If you like skulls and you think they're well... cute- then I think you'll love this necklace!
Día de los Muertos Necklace - only one! [shop]
For this necklace I used a Rhodium plated (white gold color) skull pendant carved with rose details, a white swarovski pearl, and a stationary resin blood red rose. This particular necklace is one of a kind because of the 24" silver plated chain I used. There's only one of this style chain. There is also a sterling option available.

In this close up you can see the detailed rose carvings and the ability to adjust the necklace so the rose is placed near the skull pendant. [shown with sterling chain]

It kind of looks like a Catrina... but happier. []

Earlier I had a question about small red flower studs. Yes I do have them! [shop]

Thanks for sticking with me, gals! To show my appreciation one of you who comments below with your Halloween costume idea will win a crystal flower stud in the color of your choice!! Leave your e-mail too so I can contact you! Ends in 2 days!

Ideas are nice but I want to know what you will actually BE for Halloween! :)
*Giveaway Over* The Winner is ELLE! :)