Monday, January 31, 2011

January will not fly by without a post!

And the winners of the giveaway are ...

Carol, Linh, and Sam!

They have all been contacted! Thanks everyone for entering, and I'll be more prompt on finalizing the winners on the next giveaway. Which should be coming very soon! Not too soon though since my last three posts were giveaway related. For February I'm doing a special promotion via newsletter. More details next time but it's in conjunction with Asian New Year or Tet as I like to call it :)

Thank you for all the suggestions on what to give my parents for Christmas. There's many things around the house that need upgrading. I could probably have bought modern bar stools for them. Our family is practically glued to hgtv. Everytime kitchens come up my mom is pointing out the modern stools. Though if I purchased anything like that they would probably reject it due to our taste differences. I went with something small and sentimental.

My mom is notorious for breaking the nice glass cups we get her... a common topic for jokes. So I got her some more cups! I got these bodum (my fav glass brand) pavina tea/coffee cups from Borders but you can find them at most homestores and online. She has broken more than one of these already. (probably 4?) I also got her a baggie of makeup stuff and kitchen gadgets. For my dad I was stumped because he is the kind if person who will buy what he needs when he needs it. I ended up making a collage of photos he took from a microscope of some eye cells. They were dyed so each one is either blue, red, green, and multi-colored. It's really bold and large at 20x30. And custom frames don't come cheap! All in all it was a success. Thought ya might wanna know what I did even if it was more than a month ago.

I have new Black Swan earrings for next post! If you saw it did you like it? hate it? let me know below!


xoladiihoneyxo said...

Just noticed Steph's pic on the side! Pretty photo! I wonder if Steph C. will ever see my comment. lol.

hmm, so your dad like science stuff? is he like one of those viet professors from vietnam? lol. I love glass cups =] my mom got tons of them... just in case. haha. I have not seen Black Swan yet!

Iyah said...

Those are lovely glass cups! I love it! It looks so classy!!! ^_^ and cool gift to your dad! :D

MeiBelle said...

I did not see your black swan earring!!! What?!!? I wanna see!!

Jamie said...

I loved the film! I might not be watching it again anytime soon, but it is different than most lighthearted films I usually see during the holidays.

Can't wait to see your Black Swan earrings. I am eyeing some pieces lately. Saving up!

InsideOut Elle said...

is it weird that I want to see the pictures you framed for your dad ^^?

"ended up making a collage of photos he took from a microscope of some eye cells. They were dyed so each one is either blue, red, green, and multi-colored." sounds so intriguing! Is he scientist :D!?

and ahhhh I am on your sidebar :D so honored ^^ It kinda makes me wish I had just put on a nicer top instead of cheating by covering up my PJs with a scarf ><

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