Wednesday, May 11, 2011

saaammage & Spring Bunnies

I wanted to let you know that my Spring Bunnies are back in stock! I even had a special request for them to be tailored to look like certain bunnies. The beautiful Sam of Saaammage on Youtube, the mommy of two cutie bunnies! Check out her favorites video here to see the earrings in action!

Watch the HUMANE way to wear bunnies on your ears!

The friggin adorable inspiration! nom nom.

For the next post I'm working on fabric flower earrings! I've finished three pairs so far. I was inspired by some I saw a blogger friend wear but hers kept falling apart so I've made my own! I may even do a tutorial on it. More on this later!

Spring Bunny Earrings [shop]
These earrings feature shiny silver bunnies with swarovski flower crystals and a touch of green freshwater pearls. I used Rhodium materials so it is safe for sensitive ears.

Bunny Hop Earrings [shop]
Mother of Pearl Bunnies hop over pink pearls (eggs) in the fun spirit of Spring. I used Rhodium materials so it is safe for sensitive ears.

On another note the disqus commenting system is NOT working out with this custom template. I have noticed that the comments do not always show up. ARGH! I have changed back to regular blogger commenting for now. In the future I'll have to either change my template or figure out how to make disqus work better. bummer.