Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sewing and Newsletter fun

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If you would like a peek at how it looks for June then, here it is! http://eepurl.com/endFo

Fabric Flower Earrings [shop]

Each one is unique because of the pattern on the fabric.

Inspired by seeing a girl wear fabric flower earrings that were falling apart, I decided to make my own with my sewing skills! I used my favorite fabric ever from my stash, and I like how it is a mix of ivory and pink!

See it modeled. I only have a couple left! I originally made these for my sister's anime convention, but I did not end up going. I ended up sewing tons of poke balls for her instead LOL!

This was something I made last minute at the previous con and it was a hit. I decided to expand on the idea with other versions!


Cindii said...

OMG so cute!! They make lovely earrings.

Hehe, pokeballs. :D

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Pokeballs ;]

InsideOut Elle said...


oh man, i miss the good old days when my memory was good enough to memorize all 150 of the originals in order....~

Kalmo said...

These fabric earrings are soooo cute. The pokeballs are awesome too.

Wholesale Flowers said...

Beautiful! Do you sell your jewelry on Etsy or eBay? The poke balls are cut, but I think I would go for the flowers since I absolutely love all kinds of flowers.

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