Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm back & win $10 if you're a wordsmith!

Geez five months and no post? what a record! Though this blog has been quiet I have still been adding items to the store.

Like the Modern Trio Leaves earrings that were snagged up by Susan!
Modern Leaves Trio earrings -
A trio of textured rhodium leaves hang from a princess cut cubic zirconia stud in sterling silver. I was going for an "elegant and edgy" look.

And Modeled here by the gorgeous Sam!

A one of a kind twisted flower beaded necklace custom requested. Yay or Nay? Is it too young looking? Like more flower girl appropriate?

Something fun for celebrations, I call this Champagne Bubbles!
14K gold-filled hooks and gold plated circles around a soft pink faceted stone. [shop]
btw I am able to make this in other colors. Just contact me!

Lastly I have a sneak peek at a new Bridal Earring! Help me name this beauty, and I will award the winning/best idea with a $10 Gift Certificate to my shop!

Just leave a comment below with your idea and your e-mail, and I'll pick the winner in a few days!

ALSO, I'm having free shipping right now (worldwide) with code "blackfriday"

Good luck!


InsideOut Elle said...

You're back ^_^! The trio leaves and champagne bubbles are really pretty :)~ Have a great thanksgiving!

Jamie said...

Yay, an update! :)

Those bridal earrings are lovely as are Champagne Bubbles!

A name... hmm...

- "Something old, something new" (because it has a vintagey feel to it, yet it's new haha!)
- "Floral teardrops" or "Bride's teardrops" /lame

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Annie said...

"New Beginnings"
"Forever I Do"
"Blooming Beginning"

That's all I can come up with for the new earrings :P

InsideOut Elle said...

Oh I forgot to leave name ideas ^_^
"Tears of Joy"
"I Do" Drops on Roses (except it's more like daisies...O_o?)
"Diamonds are Forever"

hhmm...that's all I can think of...

Samantha said...

Hmmm I honestly suck at naming things but.. they are super gorgeous so I'll give it a go!

- Breathtaking Beauty
- Simply Breathtaking
- Beautiful Beginnings
- Forever Florals

Samantha said...

Opps! Last one...
- Clearly Classic

Amanda! said...

You're back! Yay! I was wondering what was up with you. :)

The new pieces are lovely!

I'm gonna take a stab at the naming. Here goes.

-Glistening Trillium Droplets
-Titania's Spell
-Princess Petals
-Virtuous Efflorescence


taneya akter said...

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Angara Jewelry said...

How about 'Metallic Glow' or 'Futuristic Flowers'??

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