Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart shaped macarons for V-day

Happy Valentine's Day! Today I'm eating heart shaped macarons that I made. I used David Leibovitz's chocolate macaron recipe and omitted the cocoa powder but added in lots of pink food coloring. To make the hearts instead of piping circles you pipe a "V" which will round out to a cute heart in the oven. Even though they look cute on the outside the shell is still not perfect yet on the inside.

Filling? Chocolate ganache and white chocolate strawberry ganache.

What are your valentine's plans? I don't have any except making truffles with leftover chocolate ganache and then eating them by myself. Did I just admit that?? No, I think the sister and I will have a girl's night instead! I guess for us it's S.A.D. day! Last night was so funny at walgreens. The entire valentine's section was PACKED while all the other aisles were empty. Parents and boyfriends buying last minute candy! haha!